The internet’s love for memes is endless. But does its enjoy extended to include a meme tattoo that combinings the treasured Baby Yoda with supermarket star White Claw? That’s a little less clear.

Baby Yoda, a younger form of the Star Wars Jedi Master, has been curving Twitter since his introduction on The Mandalorian in November. Star Wars devotees are totally in love with the character–in fact, his undeniable cuteness is one of the only things fans agree on. But when one 29 -year-old making a decision get a Baby Yoda tattoo, he included a hard seltzer twist.

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” Ain’t no laws when baby yoda boozing claws. To end 2019 I got a tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw ,” Brock McLaughlin tweeted along with a photo of his freshly inked forearm.

The tattoo, of course, shows the baby-faced Yoda gripping a can of White Claw, the favourite alcoholic seltzer that inspired a wave of memes over the summer. McLaughlin says the tattoo is a combination of his two favorite things.

” I’ve had a great year and wanted to commemorate it with the two things that fetch me joy and laughs this year with your best friend ,” McLaughlin told the Daily Dot.” My friends are getting a real kick out of this .”

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But some Twitter consumers were not affected with the Baby Yoda-White Claw combination.

” A sadder tattoo there has never been ,” @BabyYodaBaby tweeted.

” Been trying to find the words to explain just how much I detest this but I can’t. It sucks to no end ,” another user tweeted.

” I don’t care who got the child yoda lily-white claw tattoo, I exactly require them brought to justice ,” one irate party said.

He might be the first to add a White Claw, but McLaughlin is far from the first person to get a Baby Yoda tattoo.

And anyone who’s brave enough to share their tattoo online certainly has the Force within them.


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