London( CNN) The British royal family had an sickening 2019. From Prince Philip’s car crash, in which two women were injured, to Prince Andrew’s friendship with the US financier and alleged trafficker of underage girlfriends, Jeffrey Epstein, coming under increasing scrutiny , the world’s most famous family registered this new decade with several PR ardors still storming.

While numerous were amazed, rumors that all was not well in the clan had been rampant for months in Britain. From day one, Prince Harry and Meghan’s desire to do things differently riled numerous traditionalists. Their televised uniting in 2018 had so many personal touches that it stood in stark oppose to the relatively drab wedding of Prince William and Catherine simply seven years earlier. Markle stepped to meet her husband alone, with no person to give her away to another man. The duet left the chapel as a gospel choir sang Etta James’s version of “This Little Light of Mine, ” a song synonymous with the American civil rights movement.

The couple’s individualistic approaching to imperial life did vex some, but was on the whole considered to be charming. Crucially, even in 2018, many British media commentators hinted the approaching was driven by Meghan, and that Harry was simply establishing her what she required.

Late-night royally mocks Harry and Meghan


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