Not right US woman required in relation to death of teenager in crash able to claim immunity

Boris Johnson has said he is prepared to hold talks with the White House over the decision to give immunity to a US diplomat’s wife craved by police in relation to a lethal car crash.

The US has been urged by the prime minister to ” reconsider its decision” to grant diplomatic immunity to Anne Sacoolas, 42, who is being treated as a suppose after the collision that led to the death of Harry Dunn.

Dunn, 19, of Charlton, Banbury, was killed on 27 August after his motorbike collided with a auto close to RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire, a military base used by the US air force.

Police disclosed on Saturday that Sacoolas had left the UK despite telling police she intended to remain in the UK.

Police have written to the US embassy in London to demand that immunity be waived for Sacoolas in order for their investigation to continue.

Johnson said he would invoke the matter with the White House if necessary. He said:” I do not think it can be right to use the process of diplomatic immunity for this type of purpose .”

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Harry Dunn’s mothers call for diplomat’s wife to face justice over son’s death- video

Speaking to reporters during a trip to a infirmary in Watford, he contributed:” I think everybody’s approbations are very much with the family of Harry Dunn and our condolences to them for their sad loss .”

The prime minister added that he hoped Sacoolas would come back and” involve properly with the processes of law as they are carried out in this country.

” That’s a point that we’ve developed or are elevating today with the American ambassador here in the UK and I is hoped that the government will be resolved very shortly.

” And to anticipate a question you might want to raise, if we can’t solve it then of course I is likely to be creating it myself personally with the White House .”

The prime minister’s official spokesman said discussions about the case had been held between the “foreign ministers “, Dominic Raab, and the Distinguished ambassador, Woody Johnson, and the details were” exceedingly concerning “.

” The justice process allows to take place and we are encouraging the US to reconsider their decision ,” the spokesman added.

The pledge comes as Dunn’s mothers said they were prepared to travel to Washington to meet Donald Trump about waiving Sacoolas’s diplomatic immunity.

Dunn’s mother, Charlotte Charles, said if the diplomatic waiver was refused then monies raised by friends and family would be used to travel to see the president.

Charles said it was a” dishonourable thing to do” for Sacoolas to leave the UK while she remained a suspect.

She told BBC Radio 5 Live:” We will go and assure President Trump. We will ask him to waive it; we will asked about directly.

” We will do what we can to draw her back .”

Nick Adderley, manager constable for Northamptonshire police, said US powers had been appealed to in “the strongest terms” to apply a waiver and” permit the justice process to take place “.

Adderley strengthened he and Stephen Mold, police fire and crime commissioner for Northamptonshire, had contacted the delegation asking for immunity to be waived.

Dunn’s father, Tim Dunn, said the family is ready to get to the truth in order to move forward.

He included:” We can’t grieve for him at the minute, we are unaware where we are going .”

Charles indicates that they have known that Sacoolas had left the UK after their son’s funeral.

She said:” He comes within the framework of the gel that give us together. Now we are only broken inside and out.

” Everything hurts every day. We know we can’t bring him back but we need to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again .”

The US State Department told the BBC diplomatic immunity was ” rarely waived “.


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