Google’s driverless car payed the questionable mark last-place month of being the first autonomous vehicle to reach another automobile — and now we have footage of the incident.

A brand-new video published Wednesday by the Associated Press shows the inside of the bus as the driverless car bumped it while on the road leading in Mountain View, California.

It’s not exactly provoking trash — the driverless Lexus SUV was croaking very slowly, according to reports — but it’s still somewhat surreal footage. At the end of the video, you’ll watch the damage that the driverless auto suffered as a result of the collision.


The accident passed as the driverless car attempted to merge into a hub road. According to Google, the car expected that the bus would relent. The firm informed the vehicle’s software after the incident.

To be clear, Google’s self-driving gondola has been involved in accidents before. But unlike this case, those coincidences were can be attributed to human drivers. This is the first time the driverless vehicle itself generated road traffic accidents.

While no one was injured in this incident, experts have worriedover what will happen when a driverless gondola is involved in its first fatal accident — perhaps an inevitability as we move closer to a future in which self-driving vehicles are everywhere.

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