For every extraordinary stunt, theres something else odd or humiliating, most recently calling a Thailand cave rescuer a pedo, says Guardian correspondent Hannah Jane Parkinson

When I was at institution, one of the go-to playground reviles, I am afraid, was ” paedo “. Mostly the teaches were paedos, but the socially tricky kid in sixth way and the porter who scuppered your escape at midday is likewise targets. Of direction, I realise now that even jokingly alleging someone of sexually mistreating children isn’t witty or inventive. You grow out of these baseless, ludicrous monikers, don’t you?

Not Elon Musk, aged 47. The tech CEO has called the British diver Vern Unsworth- one of the first divers on the situation who helped rescue the Thai football team caught in a cave- a “pedo” on Twitter( “hes having” 22 million partisans ). This was plainly because Unsworth pointed out that Musk’s offer of a submarine wasn’t helpful to the rescue efforts.

Just watch the video in which Unsworth passes his opinion on Musk’s submarine.” He can stay it where it hurts ,” Unsworth says, which may have precipitated Musk’s ” pedo ” observe, but just to reiterate, Musk is 47, and I do not ponder Unsworth was seriously considering sodomising him with an oxygen cylinder. Perhaps the best part of the video is when the interviewer says:” But[ Musk] was in the cave ,” and without “re missing a” pulsate, Unsworth answers:” And was asked to leave very quickly .” The diver is now considering legal action over the tweet.

Last week Musk kicked off because the media referred to him as a billionaire. The billionaire name, Musk quarrelled, are applied to “devalue” him( even though it’s factually remedy ), and in a staggeringly unintelligent see he moaned that” they didn’t announce me that until my fellowships got to a certain size “. Well, duh.

It’s wild that Musk can act like such a bonehead. He is clearly very intelligent and his SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch in February was genuinely awe-inspiring. Sure, he boasted relentlessly and couldn’t defy appending one of his Tesla vehicles to the rocket- and his space journey attempts are based on his strange opinion that artificial intelligence is going to go charlatan, become evil, take over the Earth and we are all going to have to colonise Mars( I am be taken seriously here)- but there is no doubt the launch was an extraordinary accomplishment of engineering and layout. He is dating the vocalist Grimes and he’s objectively handsome, even if examining a little bit like a Madame Tussauds waxwork. The guy is doing well.

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0:32 Timelapse of Elon Musk’s dummy astronaut orbiting Earth in a Tesla- video

But it isn’t all rosy. Tesla, his electric car busines, which he has said will be worth a trillion dollars in a decade, actually isn’t doing great. A Tesla driver was killed in March while guiding on Autopilot, and make on its mass-market Model 3 has stalled. His Boring Company has become a bit of a joke after marketing flamethrowers to suffer dads( but did pocket him $3.5 m ).

The thing is, despite observing the Musk online roasting over his cave exploits pretty comical, initially I wasn’t entirely convinced it wasn’t mean-spirited. He was, after all, trying to help. But it can actually be quite burdensome when someone tries to help but doesn’t know what they are doing: too many concocts curdle the broth- especially if they can’t cook. Musk refused to recognise this, holding he had been asked to help, and then released emails which actually advocated those involved with the save were politely trying to humour him with the minimum time it took on their role( never mind the questionable moralities of releasing private communication ).

But Musk, of course, hop-skip on a plane with his mini-sub. He left it in the cave, after the boys had been rescued,” in case it would be helpful” in the future. Last-place week I couldn’t think of anything worse than is now in those sons’ place, caught in a soaking, dark cave. But I envisage being captured in a soak, dark cave and meeting an unworkable Elon Musk vanity project was my merely hope of going out would just about top it.

If Musk had quietly beavered away on something that might have helped, that would have been one thing, but that isn’t Musk’s style- he happily admits to his own arrogance.

Musk’s eagerness to insert himself into the narrative, as we employed it these days, is usual of Silicon Valley sorts who thrust themselves forward as the saviours to, well, everything. But it often untangles. Mark Zuckerberg, widely considered to be keen to run for chairperson( though those desires have rather taken a strike given the company’s recent privacy and bogus news scandals ), received widespread praise where reference is announced that he would donate 99% of his Facebook shares to “human advancement”. But it eventually turned out his benevolence was actually a limited firm. His $100 m public academies initiative neglected when he seemingly didn’t take into account territory legislation. His ostensibly philanthropic Free Basics scheme, though offering internet access to millions, was banned in India because it generated a monopoly and violated net neutrality.

I am a huge love of innovative technology to solve problems. A big counsel of advances in healthcare, expedition, politics and social plan. I am less keen on insolent middle-aged white humankinds busting into everything and thinking that merely wheeling their sleeves up and shedding a lot of coin around can solve a problem. The money duty is perfect, but only if squander well.

It would make a lot more feel if, instead of dedicating his time and great efforts to acceptance and Mars, Musk helped out with countries around the world we currently have. One Twitter user pointed out he could help with acts like the Flint water crisis, and Musk has since pledged to fix pipes in contaminated dwellings. Musk, to his credit, likewise sent solar Tesla battery parcels to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, rehabilitating temporary supremacy to a children’s hospital in a demonstrable example of where his aid can be effective.

But you know what? How about Musk focuses on preparing the awful working conditions in some of his Tesla factories( Amazon’s Jeff Bezos could do the same ), instead of to offer them free frozen yoghurt? Zuckerberg would get much more adoration from me if he simply stopped scaping paying a fair share of levy instead of writing 5, 000 -word manifestos on social justice. Ditto Google, ditto Richard Branson, whose corporation, lest we forget, also launched legal action against the NHS. Bill Gates is the rare tech power player who seems to have made a success of his( and his wife Melinda’s) philanthropic organisation.

The fact is, the heroes of the Thai cave save were the divers of many different nationalities, some of whom were amateurs: the Thai navy Closes; the local government; the paramedics and doctors who treated the kids subsequentlies; and the kids and coach themselves for biding pacify. And that is something to remember in the era of the strong man, whether in politics or Silicon Valley: sometimes the little people coming together can achieve big and more efficient occasions.

Hannah Jane Parkinson is a Guardian columnist


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