Image copyright Aidan Huddleston Image caption Caitlin Huddleston and Skye Mitchell were both 18 when they died

Aidan Huddleston was lying in bunk on a Friday evening when he got a call telling him his girlfriend Skye and his sister Caitlin were dead.

“I kind of realised in that moment in time, my future that I’d had with Skye, and my sister’s future, had just been fully removed – and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, ” he tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Skye Mitchell had been driving her friends Caitlin Huddleston and Ellis Marr to a eatery near Millom in Cumbria, where they lived in July last year.

The road was new to Skye, who had passed her experiment only four months earlier.

She was walking rapidly, but within the acceleration restriction. It was soggy.

As she turned a angle, “shes lost” power of her gondola, and smacked a van.

Image copyright Aidan Huddleston Image caption Skye and Aidan had been together for eight months

“I’d just got home from drive, was lying in couch, falling asleep actually, ” says Aidan.

“Then the lighting of my phone illuminated up, and I discovered I had numerous themes and missed calls.”

Aidan, 24, found out that night that his girlfriend and his sister had died at the scene. They were both 18.

Ellis, who was in the back seat, and the 51 -year-old driver of the van were both airlifted to hospital.

Ellis stayed in hospital for five months. The van operator is still there, 14 months after the crash.

‘It was all down to inexperience’

Image copyright Aidan Huddleston Image caption Caitlin( left) and Skye( privilege) had been pals since primary and secondary schools, they met Ellis( centre) in Secondary academy

“We do not blame Skye whatsoever for what happened, ” says Aidan.

“There was nothing she could have done I believe on that night. It was all down to inexperience.”

That’s the reason Skye and Caitlin’s class are applying for graduated “drivers licence”( GDLs ).

A GDL scheme would make controls for new moves – for example a darknes curfew and limitations on the number of passengers they can carry.

Those controls could last one or two years and then be lifted as drivers gain more suffer.

Aidan said today “this whole situation wouldn’t have occurred” if GDLs were already in place.

“It would avoid hurts to people and it would stop houses having to go through what mine and Skye’s family has gone through, ” he says.

An RAC Foundation report earlier this year forecasted 281 fewer people a year would be killed or seriously injured if GDLs were introduced in England, Wales and Scotland.

Northern Ireland, which already has some restraints on new motorists, including a 45 mph accelerate cap for the first time, plans to introduce the GDL in 2020.

Data from non-eu countries which have GDLs, such as the US and New Zealand, seems to suggest it lowers the numbers of persons killed or seriously injured by young drivers.

‘It shouldn’t disadvantage young people’

Image copyright UK Parliament Image caption Trudy Harrison MP was driving nearby during the night of the disintegrate

Trudy Harrison, Conservative MP for the region where Caitlin and Skye were from, was driving near her bureau in Bootle on the night of the clang, and was diverted as a result.

“I afterwards learned that Skye and Caitlin were involved because my daughters came racing downstairs to tell me about it, ” she tells Newsbeat.

“These young girl were very much part of our community.”

Although Ms Harrison agrees “something needs to be done” to protect young drivers, she’s “not in favour of all aspects of the graduated driving licence”.

“I represent a very rural area in West Cumbria, and I’m very concerned that whatever is “ve brought” should not handicap young person economically, in an area where we just cannot are dependent upon public transport.”

Some illustrations she pays are of young mothers with their children in the car or people who work outside normal hours.

She would like to see better tuition for learner motorists, cheaper guarantee on safer autoes – and even intimates virtual reality engineering as a practice to assist peril perception.

There are already voluntary evaluates you can take, such as displaying light-green probationary P layers – which indicate others that you’ve merely overtaken your test.

‘This isn’t a punishment’

Image copyright Google Image caption The accident happened on the A595 near Bootle

The coroner who carried out an inquest into the deaths of Skye and Caitlin has also called for GDLs to be brought into the whole of the UK.

“This isn’t a sanction on young motorists, ” says Aidan. “This whole graduated driving licence is here to help save lives.”

He does say that if the GDL was in place when he was a new motorist “it would be more difficult socialising with acquaintances, but still not impossible”.

But he wouldn’t busines the lives that would be saved “for a bit of a chuckle with my friends”.

Road safety charity Brake supportings GDLs.

“The government must act now to put an end to this daily misfortune and interpose graduated move licensing, a security measure which is proven to work and reduce young motorist crashes, ” Joshua Harris, Brake’s director of campaigns, said in a statement.

The Department for Transport says it has decided to use the introduction of GDLs in Northern Ireland as a captain to gather evidence on the possibility of establishing GDL across the rest of Great Britain.

‘You’ve got to keep going’

Image copyright Aidan Huddleston Image caption Caitlin, Aidan and their sister Hannah

More than a year on from the disintegrate, Aidan says: “It surely doesn’t get easier, you merely cope with it better.

“Some epoches you wake up and you don’t just wanted to do anything, but you’ve got to keep going.”

“We truly were in love with each other, ” he says about Skye.

“It would not have been ever get easier again if they were back here.”

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