Sure, we’ve all heard supernatural legends about luck drivers who walk away from grisly coincidences somehow unscathed.

But have you ever pondered what it would take for all humans tosurvive high-speed auto disintegrates without enduring fatal hurts, sans all the safety aspects like seat belts and airbags?

The Victorian Government recently set out to answer this question with its latest road safety campaign.With the help ofMelbourne-based sculptor Patricia Piccinini, the designers were able to create the campaign’s newest ambassador, Graham.

If you take one look at Graham’smassivechest, super-sizedhead, abundance of teats and missingneck, you’ll instantly discover this strange-looking guy is not your average human.

That’s because Graham’s warpedbody has been specifically designed to survive automobile crashes.

Piccinini elicited the help oftrauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety technologist David Loganwhile building Graham’s accident-impervious body.

Apparently, Graham’shuge chest and extra nipples are intended to protect his rib cage, similar to an airbag, whilethe cushion located between each hisribs are designed to protect his heart.

The fact that Graham doesn’t have a neck impedes him from losing whiplash and shattered bones, while his flattened look shields his nose and ears from injury.Plus, this superhuman is likewise decked out in a thick-skulled bed of tough scalp to belittle abrasions.

Graham also has some peculiarities designed to save him in the event of a pedestrian accident, including a list ofstrong legs tohelp him jump out of danger’s direction and knees thatbend in all directions to prevent him from interrupting his legs.

According to Dr. Logan,

In the modern world we’re subjecting ourselves to much higher speedings and the body exactly doesn’t have the physiology to suck the vitality when happens go wrong […] A clang is about managing intensity so when we’re moving along the road we have energy.When we unexpectedly stop the car because we’re in a crash that force has to be absorbed by the car and by the driver.

I thinkwe should all be reasonably thankful gondolas are furnished withhigh-tech refuge aspects because I don’t contemplate any of us wouldwant to look like this freaky human being.No offense or anything, Graham.

Check out the video above to realize what humans would have to look like to survive gondola accidents.


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