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Media captionJFK private notes in Welsh auction lot

A handwritten refusal of union from US chairwoman John F Kennedy’s widow to a Welsh peer is among a lot which sold at auction for 100,000.

Private notes from the UK’s former US ambassador David Ormsby-Gore, Lord Harlech, proposed “a secret marriage” between him and Jackie Kennedy.

Lord Harlech’s wife Sylvia died in a vehicle accident four years after the death of his close friend JFK in 1963.

It was sold at an auction at Bonhams in London on Wednesday.

The “Kennedy Harlech Papers” – which had a guide cost of 100, 000 to 150,000 – also suppose how much JFK “appreciated” his advice.

Lord Harlech, a close advisor of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, travelled to the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia on a much-publicised journey with Mrs Kennedy just after the death of his wife in 1967.

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Media captionLove characters from Jackie Kennedy

At the time, there was huge opinion about their nostalgic connection.

And letters uncovered in fastened cherry-red British Government dispatch boxes at the family home in north Wales have uncovered the truth.

“You and I have shared so many lives and deaths and hopes and anguish – we will share them forever and be forever bound together by them, ” Mrs Kennedy wrote on stationery that belonged to Onassis’ yacht.

“If ever I can find some mending and some solace – it has to be with somebody who is not part of all my world-wide of past and suffering. I can find that now – if the world will let us.”

She likewise wrote: “You are like my beloved, beloved brother – and mentor – and the only original character I know – as you were to Jack.”

President Kennedy is said to have asked the then Prime Minister Harold Macmillan that his old sidekick from his London School of Economics periods became Britain’s US ambassador in 1961 after Lord Harlech stood down as MP for Oswestry.

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Image caption Both John F Kennedy and David Ormsby-Gore examined at the London School of Economics

He was Britain’s top envoy in Washington between 1961 and 1965 and played a crucial role in the Kennedy administration as foreign policy adviser and helped in discussions of Vietnam and nuclear disarmament.

“Kennedy said he admired his gumption and abilities, ” remarked auctioneer Antony Bennett. “He said he was an immensely smart man.”

Years after both he and Mrs Kennedy sustained tragedy, Lord Harlech proposed to her.

But she married Aristotle Onassis in 1968 and wrote that Onassis was “lonely and wants to protect me from being lonely.

“And he is wise and species. Only I can decide if he can, and I decided. I know it comes as a surprise to so many beings. But they construe acts for me that I never required for myself.”

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Image caption Jackie Kennedy and David Ormsby Gore stood pals until his death in 1985

The 18 characters were sold as part of a collect by the current Lord Harlech Jasset Ormsby-Gore, the grandson of David Ormsby-Gore, and the entire 531 -item spate sold for a total of 2.6 m in a 10 -hour auction in London

It also includes a sketch Lord Harlech wrote responding to Mrs Kennedy’s rejection.

“All the sorry programmes I had delivered with me for visits to Cyrenaica, holidays near each other and a whole various forms of solutions to our wedlock problem, including one for a secret matrimony this summer, ” he wrote.

“Plans which I appreciated us eagerly discussing, calmly and with complete frankness as we did at the Cape and in Cambodia for the next splendid ten days – all had become irrelevant garbage to be thrown away within a few hours of my arrive in New York.

“As for your photo I moan when I look at it. Why do such agonizing things have to happen? Where was the need for it? “

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Image caption The current Lord Harlech wants to restore the 15 th Century Grade II-listed family estate

Mrs Kennedy attended Lord Harlech’s funeral in Oswestry in 1985 after he died in a car disintegrate aged 66.

The box of words between Lord Harlech and representatives from the Kennedy family, including JFK’s brothers Robert and Edward, were included in the spate which travelled for the purposes of the mallet at Bonhams auction house.

The collection is among a selection of more than 400 “treasures” to be sold including regency furniture, covers, works of art and age-old cars.

The current Lord Harlech acquired the wealths from his father Francis Ormsby-Gore following his death aged 61 in February 2016.

Money from the sale will be used to restore Glyn Cywarch, the Grade II-listed family estate of more than 400 years on the outskirts of Harlech in Gwynedd.

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Image caption Jasset Ormsby-Gore is the grandson of former British representative to the the USA, David Ormsby-Gore


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