The first show in the brand-new season of The Grand Tour expresses how far Jeremy Clarkson has advanced when it comes to electric cars. Formerly an arch-skeptic on the new technology, Clarkson was totally wowed by the acceleration of a battery-powered Rimac supercar.” I’ve never seen anything move as soon as that ,” he says into the camera, clearly stunned.” Not in number illustrations .”

When it comes to electric car supremo Elon Musk, nonetheless, the antipathy is still very much alive.

Musk propelled a libel lawsuit after a 2008 publication of Top Gear on the BBC proved Tesla electric cars running out of influence on the race track and digesting brake failure. The California tech entrepreneur claimed that Top Gear had forged those incidents. He lost the libel example but continues to onrush Clarkson and his team claiming their substantiates were more about “entertainment” than the “truth.”

” He sued me and lost, he appealed and lost. You go online and you read that we’ moved it up ,’ that we’ forged it’…We didn’t ,” Clarkson told The Daily Beast.” You experience, if anybody is going to get sued, I mean you can &# x27; t say that sort of happen. I could say all sorts of things about Musk but I won’t.

” Musk doesn’t like losing. Regrettably he did twice…He’s just got sour grapes .”

Clarkson was fired by the BBC after a fracas with one of Top Gear ‘ s producers; he is now promoting a second season of The Grand Tour , a same motoring show that is financed and streamed by Amazon, which began on Friday.

” I actually reviewed the brand-new Tesla in the brand-new picture and in many ways, it’s tremendous ,” Clarkson said.” I’ve got no ax to grind. He’s the only one who ever behaved in such a petulant way–most manufacture bosses are a lot more grown up .”

It is not the Tesla that features in the first picture of the new season mentioned” Past, Present or Future ,” but a Croatian innovation: the Rimac Concept One. In a straight street race against a hybrid Honda supercar and an old-fashioned gas-guzzling Lamborghini, the electric Rimac supports to have hugely superior acceleration.

” As Piers Morgan found to his expenditure coming over here and lecturing Americans on acts: You tend to end up with an orange face hosting a breakfast Tv testify if you’re not careful .”
— Jeremy Clarkson

Richard Hammond, a very young of the presenting trio, is in the driving seat of the electric car. In a second race–an uphill slalom though the Swiss mountains–Hammond twirls out of control doing 120 km / hour into a crouch and the car ricochets down a hill and explodes into flames.

” As Hammond found to his cost–some of the electric cars are actually, really fast ,” Clarkson explained.

The crash could easily have proved lethal: Hammond’s left leg was smashed and he was temporarily caught inside before the $2.5 million supercar was engulfed in flames. Rescue employees free-spoken him from the debris and he was helivaced off the mountain.

In the display, of course, Clarkson and third presenter James May simply joke about Hammond’s propensity to get into disastrous accidents–he was in a lethargy for 2 week after a previous crash.

” Hammond’s coincidence was extremely serious for about five minutes, and then not quite so serious ,” said Clarkson.” If we were a hokey indicate with a expiring dog on it then yeah, we’d all be in tears and’ Are you alright ?’ and get him crutches and a wheelchair and stimulating him a cup of tea–but we’re not that substantiate. We’re an extraordinary show in that we just carry on. We’re not like the U.S. Marines, we do leave a guy in the field .”

Clarkson revealed in The Sunday Times last-place month that he was almost involved in his own high-tech vehicle accident. He described what happened for the first time to The Daily Beast.

He was in a semi-autonomous car driving along the M4 motorway in South West England.” The feeling is the fact that it checks its encircles before changing paths on the motorway ,” he said.” But twice it failed to spot a much faster car coming up on the outside path and half plucked out practically inducing a massive collision. And then when it recognises it’s done it, it merely shuts its systems down and says, right you’re back in control now,’ Oh, that’s brilliant !'”

” If you could show me a robot that can make a sandwich then I might think we’re on the way to a driverless car but they haven’t yet and that’s a relatively simple happening. Negotiating a town ring road or getting from one slope of Manhattan to the other when they haven’t even built a robot that can make a sandwich or climb a flight of stairs or open a entrance? We’re a long way off driverless cars–a long, long way off ,” he said.” Maybe 50 years from now? I won’t be alive–so it doesn’t bother me because I’ll never have one .”

There is undoubtedly a spurt of technological breakthroughs right now, and Clarkson fears it may be a sign of imminent downfall in the automobile industry.

” There’s no question that there’s a supernova happen going on ,” he said.” Legislation which is driving marketplace forces is making the car industry to change. It is sort of burning more brightly, like a sunshine does before it succumbs. It’s burning more brightly than it ever has before, we’ve got 400 horsepower red-hot hatchbacks coming along, 1100 horsepower supercars. It’s just nuts how exciting vehicles have become in the last year or so–I think in two or three years, large, large numbers of them is likely to be electrical and that’ll construct them much faster actually because there’s an unbelievable sum of ability from batteries, as Tesla is substantiating .”

While these new technologies are being considered in the demonstrate, there is always plenty for the traditionalists to revel in. Clarkson, Hammond, May, executive producer Andy Wilman and the production squad they wreaked from Top Gear are responsible for shaping the sequence with no input from Amazon.

Not much has changed from the BBC incarnation–although the British broadcaster retained the rights to the favourite individual boasts like” Stars in Reasonably Priced Cars ,” forcing them to fabricate substitution facets. Some of those, including a test driver knows as” The American ,” were trenched after the first season of The Grand Tour . A pointless segment that “killed off” fames before they reached the studio was also scrapped–as Hammond explains in the first episode of the brand-new season –” because you all disliked it !”

Instead, we have a return to the celebrity hastening format, tweaked to be sufficiently different from the original in the eyes of the law. Now we see who is fastest from a passed province of presentation. In the first week that was: actuality show adjudicators. There was a era tribulation between a judge from the British form of The Voice , Ricky Wilson, and David Hasselhoff, who appeared on America’s Got Talent among many other things. Hasselhoff warned that he was just very talented at playing like a good operator, which proved to be an accurate revelation as he strove around the race track.

It’s clear that winning over a bigger American audience is more of issues of concern since the team took the Jeff Bezos dime, but Clarkson said aspects like the inclusion of Hasselhoff and the failed “American” segment were not specific lurches to allure onlookers in the U.S.

” It’s style more intricate than that because there’s two Americas, so if we went beings truck race and tractor pulling, the other America and the rest of the world would go, what on Ground are you doing? And if we re-examine the latest BMW M3 while driving through Switzerland, then the monster truck addicts will think that we’re probably communists. You don’t want to alienate anybody–well, that resonates nonsensical coming from me–but I don’t want the show to alienate anybody. It is very difficult to make a auto been demonstrated that requests to the Middle of America and everywhere else, so you just have to bear that in thought and try to steer a fine line between the two and try and realize something for everyone every week .”

Clarkson is certainly aiming to walk a fine wire when it is necessary to alienating potential observers in the half of America that swept Donald Trump to power. He is often willing to sound off on any specific topic, but promoting the Trump question effects him to shrink back.

” As a visitor to America, I feel it is not for me to have opinions on internal American politics. I’m allowed to have opinions on Brexit and[ British prime minister] Mrs. May and[ Labour chairman] Jeremy Corbyn, but as Piers Morgan found to his payment to come and lecturing Americans on events: You tend to end up with an orange face hosting a breakfast TV substantiate if you’re not careful .”

Morgan–who was once punched in the face three times by Clarkson–is now slumming iton ITV’s Good Morning Britain after a newspaper editorship and a short-lived prime-time CNN chat show in which he sought to take over the U.S. firearm lobby.

Clarkson’s fight with Morgan became a celebrated tabloid punch-up but it was another brutal outburst that got Clarkson fired from the BBC. He apparently attacked farmer Oisin Tymon after he was told he could not have a steak after a era of filming.

With its virtuoso sacked, Top Gear utilized Matt LeBlanc to try and keep the global franchise extending but Joey from Friends struggled to retaking the blokes-talking-about-cars magic that provide proof such a ratings winner.

Clarkson, 57, and his team have already signed up for a third season of The Grand Tour with Amazon. He is representing no plans for retirement just yet despite the danger of spending so much era racing cars, although he was forced to give up inhaling this year after contracting pneumonia in both lungs.

” You’ll know when it’s time to retire because you just think I can’t be riled to be joke or interesting. You go to an old-fashioned people’s home and they tend to be quite insular and dreary because they can’t be riled to be funny because they’ve been amusing all their lives and it’s time for other people to entertain them ,” he said.

” If I’ve got a day’s filming and I know it’s a good story and I know it’s a good script and the weather is what it’s supposed to be, I’m literally chomping at the fleck to go and do that, even after whatever it is, 30 years…If I got to a angle and I’m driving somebody else’s PS4 00,000 supercar and then I can’t be inconvenienced to drive it round sideways, then it’s definitely is now time to jack it in .”