Hope lives in the will they won’t they saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

As we reported, the feted duo revived their romance back in November. While the two were never officially back on, they took multiple expeditions together before hurriedly parting practices is again in March.

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But don’t worry, Jelena shippers, these two aren’t down for the count just yet — at least not if Bieber has his practice!

A source revealed that the Sorry singer dearly “misses” his ex-girlfriend and hopes that they reconcile again soon, dishing to People:

“He passions her. He requires her back.”

The heart wants what it wants , no doubt — but does Selena feel the same way?

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No one seems to know. Not even Selena’s mom Mandy Teefy, who recently disclosed she and her daughter “don’t talk about” the B-word!

If that’s not enough evidence of a Shakespearean romance, a Selly source recently downplayed the seriousness of her tie-in with The Weeknd.

What more do you need !? Jelena is endgame and everyone else is just a witness to their everlasting love.

Or, you are familiar, Selena is over it and they never get back together. Could move either way really.

[ Image via Dave Bedrosian/ Future Image/ WENN .]


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