Kevin Hart isn’t holding a resentment against the man who reportedly justification him to

In a new affirmation released through his attorney, Andrew Brettler , Hart addressed Jared and his fiancee Rebecca Broxterman , who was also in the car during the violent crash. The announcement speak:

” I have nothing but enjoyed for Jared and care him and Rebecca a speedy recovery .”

Hart’s forgiveness is admirable, seeing as the California Highway Patrol places the blame solely on Jared.

According to each of these reports obtained by TMZ , the clang was purely driver error. Beginnings told the outlet the souped-up Barracuda( the actor reportedly added a 6.4 L Hemi V-8 instrument, play tires, and custom-made estimates) didn’t have any mechanical questions; Black supposedly gunned the engine and lost command, justification the vehicle to spin out and gate-crash through a fencing and into an embankment.

The crash report likewise details Hart leaving the scene after the accident while his two friends remained caught: Broxterman was reportedly wedged between the top of the right passenger seat and the collapsed roof of motor vehicles, with her chief facing the windshield.

It likewise includes the car was,” not outfitted to carry rear sit passengers ,” as Kevin superseded the backseats with plastic storage boxes. Oh, and another thing: the trio apparently weren’t wearing their seatbelts!

Tsk tsk.

According to the report, there are still” fold and crease labels on the belt surfaces consistent with being folded and tucked into the seats and no indications of occupant loading were present .” Even if the loops were worn at the time of the gate-crash, officials say,” they only being wear improperly due to undue slack in the regions .”

After the wizard was secreted from the hospital, his wife Eniko Hart passed a positive inform about his health. She told the papz:

” He’s doing well, thank you. We’re just taking it one day at a time…He’ll be back on track in no time .”

And while it’s since been reported Hart was already back to work, his lawyer explained that’s not quite the action just yet, clarifying:

” Hart has not been in full costume for these [ Jumanji promo] shoots and he’s not walk-to much for them either–sitting through most of the day–even though he can walk on his own. Hart doesn’t anticipate going back to work full day until early next year, premising everything stays on track with his physical care .”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports all three accident martyrs have lawyered up, and everyone’s expecting a massive lawsuit.

We wish them all a speedy recovery — and excellent legal representation!

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