Kevin Hart is now recovering after experiencing surgery belatedly Sunday night, less than 24 hours after seriously injuring his back in

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Not simply is he apparently going to be fine while recovering from the surgery, TMZ even caught up with the comedian’s wife, Eniko Hart , who ruin news on video that the funnyman and Jumanji ace was ” “il be going” just fine .” Eniko was recognized on her room into the hospital on Sunday morning, apparently after a coffee flowed following what must have been a exceedingly, very long night for her and all of Kevin’s friends, clas, and loved ones.( You can watch that video

As we reported about Kevin’s injuries earlier this morning, insiders in the know are claiming the back harm” is not a spinal rope injury ,” and Kevin has thus far been” able to walk and move his tips .” That’s a huge relief, plainly. And yet still, the possibility of surgery turned out to be very real as doctors influenced it was necessary to stabilize and help his back after the accident.

Scary, creepy trash all around … and it sounds like things could’ve gone much worse than they did! Here’s hoping and praying for a full convalescence for everybody involved in the accident, and good expects to the family, friends, and loved ones living through this with them! Such a terrifying and unsure ordeal to go through !!!

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