Although she declares she is “impatient” and “uncomfortable, ” the KUWTK sun is doing her best to remain productive.

KoKo wrote:

“Day by era, it gets harder and I get more impatient — and not to mention more unpleasant … So, while we wait, I have to stay busy. I’m not the type to lay around the working day and be lazy( when I do, I get a little crazy !). I’ve already finished the nursery, so I’m happy to have that checked off the list.”

Being the fitness princes that she is, the 33 -year-old clears it a habit to be as physically active as possible.

“In Cleveland, we have a very similar routine every day, which I actually really like and adapt to easily … Every day, I go for a 45 -minute walk( I’d actually call it more of a stroll, LOL ). “

When she’s not rehearsal, Khloe loves to binge-watch TV with her boo Tristan Thompson!

“Tristan and I have also been watching Billions … It’s such an incredible show — we LOVE it! We just finished Season One. It’s such a good establish to binge-watch. We’re genuinely trying to enjoy ourselves, but we’re SO ready to meet our newborn girl.”

On Tuesday, Miz Kardashian wrote a blog post comparing her life in Cleveland vs. their own lives in Los Angeles. In Ohio 😛 TAGEND

“I’m with Tristan and I get my home time — cooking, being with my enjoy, and just more of a routine … In L.A ., I’m SWAMPED with project … But then again, I affection being in L.A. because I to have seen my sisters and my mommy, and I have my tutor and the people that I’ve grown up with.”

Well, Khloe is going to be a mommy any daytime now! Then she’ll actually have to juggle life in both cities while has become a brand-new parent!

[ Image via Khloe Kardashian/ Instagram .]


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