Fans are mad Kylie Jenner is boasting about her abundance on Instagram, again.

It’s no secret that Jenner is rich. She’s one of a very young billionaires thanks to her massive cosmetics companionship and garnered attention–and money–before then for her capacity on .

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It shouldn’t be a surprise then that Jenner employs her coin to curdle herself, but she’s managed to piss off love again for posting an image of her Mercedes G-Wagon on Instagram.

” Rainy eras draw me joyous ,” she captioned the photo, which drawn her brown vehicle shall be included in a fresh coat of rain.

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Instagram users were quick to respond.

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” They’d become me glad if I was driving a g wagon too Kylie ,” Instagram customer @marichaljessica commented.

Critics didn’t seem jealous-just peeved about her lifestyle.

” Can u only pick one car pls the environmental issues is dying ,” Instagram used @summerjscott noted.

This isn’t the first time Jenner’s been roasted for flaunting her capital on social media. Starting in october, Jenner, which is worth an estimated$ 3 million, after receiving backlash. Earlier this year, fans were angry when she shared a photo posing with her six luxury gondolas, Cosmopolitan reported.


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