Richard Hammond takes the Lamborghini Huracán for a spin, however will he have some concerns with the most recent enhancement to the Lamborghini family? From Leading Equipment, Series 22 Episode 1.

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  1. Basically, if Lambo makes an amazing looking but bad driving car, Hammond
    will complain that it isn’t good, and if they make an amazing driving but
    not so mad car, Hammond will complain

    • мe7 I agree. Very well done video. I started not being impressed with the
      car, then impressed with its performance, but ultimately going back to my
      original feelings about the car as the video concluded.

  2. I have 3 things to say.

    1- he picked the wrong color by him self because if you hear mantis in a
    color your already know its gonna be green

    2- its nothing to do about the style of the car I think it looks beastly in
    real life
    3- and the car has more acceleration than the aventador but not faster

    • It does on every track I’ve seen them race on. Aventador is so heavy – yes
      it pulls and eventually will beat the Huracán – some before (SV) some after
      the quarter mile depending on mods, but overall the Huracán is better on
      the launch and in the gearbox than the Aventador IMHO… stock these cars
      are very close on 1/4 times.

  3. I have drove every lambo ever existed, this thus far is the best one & it’s
    smaller too. I can finally go to a taco-bell dive Thur

  4. he recalls the aventador clip at the end probably oblivious to the fact
    that his conclusion was the same for that car as well.

  5. I’d feel special if I was sitting in a Gallardo in traffic 😂 Or even a
    Jalpa. The Murcielago is still the best looking a and sounding Lamborghini
    ever made though 😃


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