Lindsay Lohan ‘ s father, Michael Lohan , was just arrested over a family violence conflict with estranged bride Kate Major .

According to reports, the film star’s 59 -year-old dad was taken into custody in Southampton, New York on Monday after his 37 -year-old spouse filed a police report claiming Lohan physically assaulted her. A root associate itself with Us Weekly 😛 TAGEND

“He has been following her, tracking her and then suffocated her and got arrested for it.”

Sharing a few more details about the spectacular arrest, the insider told the outlet Lindsay’s pops was “detained on the street in front of his kids” where he was attend playing “combative” when law enforcement arrived. They likewise clarified Michael had been tasked with” strangling and harassment” but has since been released by authorities.

As you may or may not be aware, this isn’t the first time the situation has escalated between Lohan and Major. The estranged spouses have had quite a rocky relationship from the start and their ongoing strain pushed them to officially file for divorce in 2018 after four years of marriage. At this extent, though, they are still legally married.

According to a police report about the accidents obtain access to , the pair supposedly got into an statement after Kate confronted Michael about his internet browsing history. The Celebrity Rehab alum’s supposed online pleasure presented he had been searching for escort business in Houston while he was on a trip there. Their spat apparently get brutal from there as Michael supposedly threw hangers at Kate before grabbing her by the neck. She claimed he lectured her with appoints like” braindead whore” as she fought to escape his grasp.

Oh no. This alleged story seems so, really scared and regrettably seems to point to a pattern of dangerous behavior.

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