Image copyright Neilson Barnard/ Getty Image caption Miles Hurley, pictured with his aunt, Elizabeth Hurley, was attacked by a group of men

Actress and simulate Elizabeth Hurley told me that she will campaign to draw streets safer after her nephew was jabbed in south-west London.

Miles Hurley, 21, lost four jugs of blood when he and a pal were attacked on 8 March, Hurley said.

Police said the two victims were attacked by a group of men after a verbal spat when they were in a child vehicle crash.

Hurley said her nephew was still in “great pain” from his “shocking” wound.

On Instagram this weekend, Hurley said: “Thank you to all who sent such kind meanings following the news that my nephew @mileshurley1 was viciously jabbed last week.

“His wound is offending, he remains in great agony and he can hardly move.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hurley says it is an “appalling” time for the family

Hurley said her sister was an “amazing mother” and was looking after Mr Hurley and his friend.

“We need to make our streets safer and I want to be part of the movement to achieve that. I hope you will join me, ” she added.

Her nephew thanked his family and devotees for their subsistence on his own Instagram page, where he shared a picture of one of his curves.

He said he was still struggling to walk but was “slowly recovering”.


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