The Uber-Lyft rivalry seems to be alive and well.

Last week, Uber exposed it isrolling out a new aspect on itsapp that allows people to save their routinely visited address. Its pretty convenient, and Id go as far as saying its even necessary for those who are super forgetful.

However, Lyft took happenings up a notch and announcedits partnership with Googles Waymo to introduce self-driving vehicles to itsservice.


According to a statement, a Lyft spokeswoman spoke,

Waymo accommodates todays best self-driving technology, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared eyesight of improving living with the worlds better transportation.

I think its your move, Uber.

This could change so much for the car service industry and who it applies or, in such a case, employ.

About a year ago, Lyft co-founder John Zimmer exposed his ambitious schemes hoping the majority of Lyft vehicles would be autonomous within five years.

Perhaps this is the way to go for the future just take a look at one dads anguish he suffered at the handwritings of a driver.

Ben Lieberman, who lost his 19 -year-old son in an accident on a New York City highway, tried for months to get access to the records is demonstrating that the operator had been texting while driving.

Rather than mourn and anxiety himself with their own families, the papa composed a proposal for the breathalyzer for texting, which would allow police at accident backgrounds in New York to immediately evaluate operators cellphones with a device to determine if theyd been tapping, swiping or clicking, according to The Washington Post.

Provided the cars are manufactured properly and safely, Lyftsnew plan could be the answer to safer roads.

Uber, however, who has also tried autonomous vehicles, suffered some serious setbacks, to say the least.

According to further pretensions by Lyft, the companys eyesight and commitment to improving the way metropolis move will help Waymos self-driving engineering reach more parties, in more places.

Lets hope the increasing number of accessibility willcome with lent refuge perks.