Frank Caeti as the crazy christian Auto seller who impulsively aims to encourage a pair to get his only automobile with hes practically hypnotic persuation skills


  1. Actually the bible says JESUS drove a HONDA…Acts 2:1 “the apostles were
    all in one ACCORD”
    Bible Hub
    And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord
    in one place. Holman Christian Standard Bible it’s a cute joke and you have
    scripture to back you more than 1 pastor has given it the thumbs up

  2. Came to watch madtv to keep my calm from Donald Trump’s victory but I can’t
    with the car seller looking like Donald Trump.

  3. I’m buying a new Mustang GT Premium this Xmas, hopefully.
    So I’m just trying to research.
    After the kind of salesmen I had to deal with, this guy wouldn’t be so bad.


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