A survivor of last-places month’s mass shooting at a Madden NFL tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, apparently died Sunday in a car crash.

Ryen Aleman, 25, lost controller of his vehicle just before 4 a.m. on Sunday in Corpus Christi, Texas, KIII-TV reported, quoting the state’s Department of Public Safety.

Aleman’s vehicle reportedly turned “several times” and crashed into railroad tracks. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and died after he was expelled from the car, according to the report station.

Aleman, of Robstown, Texas, was at The Jacksonville Landing on Aug. 26 when a gunman opened fire on other gamers participating in the Madden tournament. The crap-shooter killed two parties before he turned the artillery on himself.


Aleman told NPR he was playing the game when he heard gunfire pops behind him.

Thinking something was wrong, he told his adversary that they should “crawl down. Let’s crawl to the restroom.”

Aleman said the two suffer on a toilet in the bathroom to hide.

“I can’t tell you if we’re going to stay alive or not, because if he opens this stalling, he’s going to shoot us, ” Aleman said he told the gamer hiding with him. “If he does, perhaps that is our last day.”

After the shooting, Aleman made on Facebook that “these past few dates have been the worst sentiment of my life.”

In a later pole, he author alongside a photo of him playing Madden: “Just enjoying what i love to do god gave me a second life and I’m enjoying it every single min nobody know when you can be gone exactly experience life and ever do whatever it is you love.”

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