A Pennsylvania man accused of cutting the damper wires in his girlfriend’s gondola in an effort to get a piece of hose to use for inhaling crack has been ordered to stand contest on criminal homicide accusations after she died in an following auto crash.

Defense advocates indicated Friday that John Jenkins, 40, should face a lesser charge in the Aug. 22 death of 38 -year-old Tammy Fox, The( Scranton) Times-Tribune reported.

Attorney Jody Kalinowski insisted in Lackawanna County that the Dunmore man should face “manslaughter at best” since “There’s not one shred of evidence that this was an intentional killing.”

Assistant District Attorney Brian Gallagher, however, said intent to kill is in the case’s “facts and circumstances.”

Authorities said Jenkins told police that the darknes before the gate-crash, Fox was looking for a pipe to smoke fissure but he didn’t want to go to a accumulation to buy one, so he went underneath the woman’s vehicle and was “hacking away” to try and get something she could use.

State police and prosecutors said Fox’s car, from time to time departing nearly 60 mph( 95 kph ), drove through 14 intersections. Researchers said Fox tried four times to stop the car — including shooting the brakes, lifting up the emergency brake and shutting off private vehicles — before it rushed a curb and impressed a tree and parked automobiles. She was declared dead at a hospital.

Investigators said three of the four restraint texts were cut and one was crimped.

Investigators divulged Friday that a piece of restraint string was found in Jenkins’ cupboard.

The paper reported that Fox was a key witness against several former county prison guards accused of sexually abusing inmates. Jenkins, powers allege in tribunal documents, said it couldn’t have been anyone else who cut the lines.


Information from: The Times-Tribune, http :// thetimes-tribune.com/


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