Mark Salling maintained his demons to himself in the time leading up to his apparent suicide.

Sources close to the disturbed actor expressed the view that before his death on Tuesday, which came a month away from facing sentencing after pleading guilty to property of child pornography, the Glee alum “distanced himself much needed from the friends he was closest to.”

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One insider claimed that most of Salling’s friends thought he was “troubled and tormented” but weren’t aware of how bad his beasts were, telling ET 😛 TAGEND

“He had a exceedingly mysterious area. I felt like I didn’t wholly know who he was. He enjoyed inspecting pedigree in Texas and attended his tours back home as an escape from L.A. and the Hollywood scene.”

In addition to visiting his family, the source added that “he would often have friends over to his home in Sunland,[ California] ” before he was arrested in December 29, 2015.

But after federal investigators located more than 25,000 epitomes and 600 videos outlining child pornography on computers and thumb drives belonging to him, Salling supposedly turned away from his loved ones and merely changed more remote.

A Salling family source told People:

“In the last few years, we had very little contact. When you’re living against your own morals or what you know to be right, you tend to avoid people who will stand up mirrors.”

Though Salling’s “actual” loved ones were “absolutely shocked” by the discovery of his perversions, the family source said his fatal mistake was stopping those demons to himself, continuing 😛 TAGEND

“The problem doesn’t live in the existence of beasts or anguish or sex desires that began to skew as period went on. The inherent question is that he did not seek help or have someone close enough to him willing to call it out.”

While he may have stayed withdrawn, Salling did spend time in recent years at a wildlife rehab hub creating music, which, the source said, opened some “comfort” after losing his career 😛 TAGEND

“As he continued to fight his demons — ultimately alone — there was some comfort there … I don’t believe he ever aimed trauma … but I do believe he was really sick and it severely gloomed his judgement, which preserved him are living below an alternate reality.”

It destroys us that refusing the assistance provided by others was the actor’s ultimate demise.

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A sliver of good report in this tragedy, however, has developed for the victims in Salling’s child porn case who have to sue to get the money he agreed to pay them.

According to TMZ, Salling set up a corporation in 2009 to collect his income from the entertainment business. As of December 2017, the value of this business was reported to be $ 1.971. His father is listed as the manager.

That’s a huge sigh of comfort for the main victims who Salling agreed to pay $ 50 k each in refund. They still have to file suit against the late actor’s estate, but at least there’s enough coin to go around.

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