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The McLaren P1 as well as Porsche 918 Spyder are 2 of the hottest hypercars available right now, however just how well will they get on in a straight line versus the fastest Ducati on sale? We pitch them both versus a 1199 Superleggera to discover.

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  1. Hang on – “The P1 is king”?
    You perform a drag race, don’t really specify the distance, then don’t
    clearly state the winner, then put up times on screen implying that it was
    a mile race, with the bike having the fastest standing-mile time, and call
    the P1 king?? Last time I checked, 25.44 was a smaller number than 25.49…
    Come on guys, really?

    • Come on, all you guys, lay off the testosterone on who is best, let go of
      your egos, and enjoy these machines. All of them are fast and each has a
      particular advantage which the others do not have, so take them at face
      value and be done with the bickering.

  2. VERY GOOD RACE…But Porsche beat P1 and Ducati in the 1/4 mile and the
    mile very. quik…. Ducati is strong bike and P1. is amazing 😄👍

    • +Buuster1999 …I think those manufacturers are the best of all Time 🇮🇹
      Italy & Germany 🇩🇪 Porsche got one of the Best Engine in history with
      fair price and very aweso.e sound!…Ferrari best looking and very good
      sound as well! 😄👍

    • over a standing qtr ducati is quicker. as by 100 mph it’s slightly quicker
      and considering a standard 1199 not 1299 terminal on the quarter is 146-152
      dependant on which magazine test where it’s a second ahead on this test
      alone.I think that’s not possible.if you think otherwise facts proof
      different.reply to “truthtub” comment.

    • PsychBotLP Lol. Look it up you peanut, it has 3 motors, the main V8 has
      600hp. The other 2 electric engines have 280hp combined. Giving it 850+ hp
      like I said lol. Go away now I’m not replying to you anymore.

  3. they shouldn’t have used the Ducati for this test. if they had used the h2r
    it would have blown them all away.

  4. See who is faster in traffic.

    Also the Ducati is a bargain at £64,000 with hypercar level performance for
    executive car prices

  5. every channel has a different result the 918 sometimes wins the p1
    sometimes wins and ferrari finally are willing to be there it sometimes

  6. 0:40 I would have been sweating bullets here, like “don’t hit the car don’t
    hit the car don’thitthecar donthitthecar”


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