Stephen Fitzpatrick, Audun Laading and Trevor Engelbrektson killed in road accident on style to gig in California

Both members of the band Her’s from Liverpool have died in a vehicle clang while touring the US, their description showed on Thursday night. Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading were on their path to a gig in Santa Ana, California, earlier today Wednesday morning when they were involved in a road accident.

The duo, who described themselves as an” international supersonic spectral waving Liverpool band” on their social media accounts, were killed alongside their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson.

Only days ago, the band had been boasted on the BBC Music Introducing programme. Her’s were touring North America for the second time, having liberated their entry album Invitation to Her’s, and used to play 19 shows.

Last summer, Her’s indicated in the Guardian’s” one to watch” category, where Emily Mackay described the band as” a Liverpool duo who stimulate free with the bossa nova heartache of Everything But the Girl( pre-Missing era ), the spry jangle of early Aztec Camera and the mournful wryness of the Smiths’ Hatful of Hollow “.

Their label Heist or Hit described them as” one of the UK’s most loved up and coming cliques “.” We are all heartbroken. Their energy, vibrancy and ability came to define our name. As humen, they were warm, soothing and funny ,” the label said during a statement.

” Each age they stopped by the office formed for an uplifting experience. To say they were close would be an underestimation of a relationship that was genuinely beautiful to witness; they loved one another like brothers .”

In an Instagram post published on Monday, the two musicians said it was ” almost home season for the cubs” after a US tour that had” extend swimmingly still further “.

Her’s had been scheduled to perform at the Gold Sounds Festival 2019 in Leeds on 11 May.

The four members of another promising English band, Viola Beach, been killed in a gondola gate-crash in Sweden in 2016 after their vehicle hit a caused section of a bridge and fell down a canal below.


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