Performance Power Competing Re-Sets the Guinness World Records holding for Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car at 283.232 miles per hour

Johnny Bohmer Proprietor of Performance Power Racing and Vehicle driver of the World Famous BADD GT, along with Matt Lundy, Lead Style Tech, piloted the 1700+ steed power Ford GT down NASA's Shuttle bus Touchdown Center Path today setting a new Guinness Globe Document at 283.232 miles per hour in the Standing Mile. The Standing Mile is an occasion in which a car, from a dead quit, accelerates entirely through the one mile mark.


  1. again another misinterpretation of the rules!! the veyron is a production
    car, this is not! you might as well stick a top fuel funny car on the
    track, set the record at 335!!!

    • It SAYS: “Performance Power Racing Re-Sets the Guinness World Records
      holding for *Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car* at 283.232 mph”. Nothing in
      it about being a stock factory car. FFS.

    • Yeah this ‘street legal’ tend to be stretched quite a bit … did the car
      pass CARB? What about it’s sound level? SMOG test? mpg? Can it go over a
      speed bump? …

    • The problem is that the definition of street legal changes depending upon
      state and even country. Many states have a yearly inspection with emissions
      testing, a lot of other states have no inspection. This is basically a
      Bonneville car with tags. I doubt this car can be reliably street driven
      without MAJOR maintenance and tuning almost constantly. This car would NOT
      be street legal in many states.

  2. Dont understand all this going fast bullshit. Saw a video of a boat that
    was going 200mph that crashed and everybody was freaking out like the guy
    wasn’t going 200mph on water. As long as my tires spin im satisfied. Too
    much free time and money here being wasted

    • Dominique Bruney Well then i don’t want to understand. Not at the cost of
      my life. I have been up to 160 on a kawasaki ninja thou. Not willingly as i
      was riding passenger. Was not fun at all.

    • Bobby James riding passenger isn’t at all like being the driver.
      To each,& thier own.
      Motorcycles aren’t for everyone. Especially, sport/racing bikes.
      However I can tell you this;
      You’re vision changes around 180mph. The bike starts floating, & it’s
      almost like riding on air.
      Your senses heightened, & the full rush of adrenaline just runs throughout
      your body…
      it’s just as good as losing your virginity…some say it’s even better.

  3. All the kings horses and all the kings men and we got two shots of the pass?
    It was a great video but I hope someone got more of the car making its


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