This is so horrific…

Miami Dolphins defensive attack Kendrick Norton was involved in a terrifying vehicle coincidence on Thursday morning, apparently losing his arm in the gate-crash on a highway in south Florida.

According to TMZ , just after 1:00 a.m. local time in Miami, Norton’s Ford F-2 50 apparently impress a concrete obstruction on State Road 836 and flip-flop over, eventually coming to rest on its roof. Norton and a woman who was a passenger in the car were both seriously injured in the accident, with law enforcement and first responders very quickly arriving on scene.

Based on the police dispatch audio, it sounds first responders requested a’ Heavy 1′ — which is a big tow truck which is large enough to lift up a large vehicle — because Norton’s arm was pinned underneath the truck. Per audio from the 9-1-1 call and police chatter, it appears that the NFL defensive tackle’s forearm was amply severed at the scene of the accident, and first responders were having trouble reaching it underneath the flipped truck.

Eventually, they were able to cancel the Heavy 1 request after fire and rescue personnel did free the limb from underneath private vehicles. Still, at one point during the call audio, you can hear the operator say,” cannot reach the amputator[ or amputated] forearm .” Yikes …( Listen to the entire audio

Norton had a stellar college football career as a defensive tackle at the University of Miami ( pictured above ), after which he was selected in the seventh round of the NFL draft in 2018 by the Carolina Panthers . After spending most of a season on the practice squad in Carolina, he signed with the Miami Dolphins, and finished its first year there. He’d been preparing for the 2019 season with the team this summer, too.

Our thoughts and devotions go out to Norton and the female crash scapegoat here; we sincerely hope both of them come through this OK and get out of the hospital very soon.

Such a creepy, unsettling thing to see come across the news this morning … Ugh…

[ Image via YouTube ]

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