Danielle Bregoli a.k.a the reason why all your friends continue replying “Cash me ousside, how bow dah? ” has croaked and starred in a brand-new video for rapper Kodak Black.

Called “Everything 1K, ” the track’s video aspects everyone’s kind-of-violent girl casually sitting on an expensive car, shedding clods of currency( me ousside ?) around.

Listen, we know she disrespects her mommy and Dr. Phil’s gathering, but she’s 13 years old. Shouldn’t we be offering her( non-televised) counselling and not collectively laughing at her and her creepy made-up accent?

On the other hand, she’s is pattern her own stock direction in a rap star’s video, so at the least she’s reaching bank.( We hope .)

What were you doing at 13? For better or worse, it was likely wasn’t this.