Mashable exited behind the scenes of the mind-bending Doctor Strange movie .
Image: Jay Maidment( c) 2016 Marvel. All Claim Reserved .

LONGCROSS STUDIOS, ENGLAND Benedict Cumberbatch is not looking good.

Dusted in snowfall, garmented in drab robes and boasting a hedgerow whisker who are able to harbor a coterie of animals, he looks like hes been through blaze. And, well, he kind of has.

As top neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange, the actor has been in a automobile gate-crash, lost the use of his vital surgeons hands, and wandered “the worlds” aimlessly, intention up on the side of Mount Everest trying to jump through a portal.

When Mashable catches up with him at a recreated slice of Nepal in the middle of a Surrey forest on a grey-haired February Tuesday, halfway through filming for the forthcoming Doctor Strange , hes nevertheless in fine form.

In fact, hes talking too loudly. Hes threatening to disturb Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofior, who are in another part of this vast hangar filming their reaction to him jump-start through that same entrance. The creation team asked about to shorten his pretty reassuring American accent to a whisper.

Its an peculiar, disconnected instant and adjust, to review the mind-bending nature of Marvels 14 th and most surreal outing to date.

Doctor Strange will not be like previous MCU movies. The adjustment, times in the works and the first time the character get first billing in a major film, is becoming real deep into parallel aspects, according to producer Kevin Feige.

An parentages legend at heart, it encounters Strange as a Stark-esque boastful jackass who knows personal atonement and gains countless powers through the training courses of the Ancient One. Along the direction, though, it takes various recreations into other worlds, inspired by original illustrator Steve Ditko and boldly translated to cinema by chairman Scott Derrickson.

Were going beyond Earth 616, 617 and 618 here, into a multiverse and dimensions that are just recollection catches so mind-bending you are able to scarcely comprehend them, according to Feige.

Buckle up …

Mashable inspected Longcross Studios, where make was based between stints in Nepal and New York, along with a busload of writers for an early look into this strange new world.

The long way to Sanctum Sanctorum

A sprawling locate formerly used by the UK Ministry of Defence, Longcross is astonishingly decrepit considering its exclusively been used for movies since 2006.

After driving through a warren of deserted streets, past rust-brown constructs, chips of phony walls and sluggish reservoirs, we arrived at a cluster of nondescript houses. Frayed postings advertised some of the movies that owe a obligation to the place, the likes of Clash of the Titans and Skyfall , while creation personnel clustered around canteens of tea.

Behind one set of double doors, however, lay a gold mine for comic book fans.

Arranged around the walls of one chamber were clothings, props and miniature sets that laid bare the Strange universe for the first time. A line of minuscule examples illustrated vistums well known to devotees of the tales: his Manhattan apartment, the Sanctum Santorum; the rain-drenched road where he disintegrated and detriment handwritings; and the Kamar-Taj, the Ancient One’s training ground in the Himalayas.

Production designer Charles Wood, an unassuming Brit in a loose shirt fond of gesticulating, talked through the challenges presented by wreaking reality to a shadowy, dark movie in which a character can walk through a door and go into something completely bonkers.

Thousands of parts of concept artistry, four investigate his trip to Nepal and an artisan crew helped with accuracy and an attention to item that widened right down to opening manages, he added. Built prepares were used where possible, but CGI was announced in when the fib was just going residences that were too outlandish to recreate IRL.

Benedict Cumberbatch and head Scott Derrickson on set in the Santorum.

Image: Jay Maidment 2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Across the room, a row of shawls in muted colours constructed it abundantly clear were no longer dealing with the bright blues of Superman and his ilk.

Alexandra Byrne, the cinemas costume designer and the other Brit, talked us through the monochrome palate of the clothe that Kamar-Taj students wear. Red and amber has a lot of baggage that isnt particularly helpful to this film, she enunciated, peering through tortoise shell specs.

Byrne, who has worked with Marvel since Thor , had to organize a series of subtly differentiated cloaks that represent high levels of achievement in the Kamar-Taj, as well as a series of sling echoes that also indicate experience.

The Longcross prop room was also stacked full of weapons, personnels, persists, followers and blades that sat among rustic containers, dusty journals, rickshaws, remnants and prayer rotates. Much of this arsenal will be seen in the film deepened with special effects.

While the array is impressive, Barry Gibbs, a member of the prowes department who signed into Marvel macrocosm six years ago for Captain America , was of the view that non-physical props demand just as much time as the real thing.

The Eye of Agamotto structured the centerpiece, a handwrought work of art in brass, copper or resin depending on the needs of the situation. The proximity of these icons precipitated a evident feeling among the Marvel devotees assembled.

Chiwetel Ejiofor also features in the movie as Mordo.

Image: Jay Maidment 2016 Marvel. All Right Reserved.

From this room of gratifies we were bussed to the main action, where a critical Nepalese scene was being filmed. Inside a white-hot tent within a huge hangar we watched on several screens from different inclinations as Swinton regarded court as the Ancient One.

‘One interpretation’

Wed learnt her in the prop room as concept skill, an androgynous chassis levitating in a yellow cape, but her figure on screen was no less surprising. Her Celtic take over the formerly Tibetian mystic ruffled a few plumages when it was firstly announced but the scraps of her rendition we evidenced were convincing.

One by one, the actors reeled into the tent to face the crescent of smartphones enthusiastic for the exact same paraphrases. Benedict Wong was first up, serious in a scarf and pausing his answers when scenes are rolling.

Wong play-acts Wong, a stereotypical sidekick in the comics but upgraded to a more integral role for a less demeaning present era cinema. In reality his reference has become a ally to Strange are fighting these extra-dimensional pressures and the pair become an oddball couple.

Swinton, meanwhile, was a breathless projectile of energy. Giggling off our stupor at her impression( how do you know what I look like in the morning ?) she shut down the conversation around her rendering of the character with clarity.

Its just one explain, she supposed. The whole approach is one of fluidity. There are a lot graphic artists who have interpreted the Ancient One as a Tibetian Buddhist lama. Were shifting that a little bit. Were trying not be fixed to any one thing, any one gender, any one spiritual discipline, any one hasten even. Its a brand-new gesture really.

Were filming a big universe and so the sound and the plasticity is really important to us. Were astonishing poses here. Its such recreation to work on.

Filming Strange was certainly a rampage. Cumberbatch was in an evenly naughty feeling during his 15 -minute appearance, telling us how he relished learning martial arts and sorcery and undergoing physical and mental changes as his reference progressed.

He likewise desired attacking a complex hero, who moves from being an ultra-rich surgeon to someone with good-for-nothing , no spiritual centre , no fund , no one in his life that has to build himself up from the bottom.

Hes difficult, hes arrogant, but hes kind of brilliant, Cumberbatch adds. His brilliance feeds his pride Its hopelessnes which precedes him into the path of the Ancient One and then all hell bursts loose.

Later, were taken on set to see Cumberbatch stumble through a echo of lightbulbs that will eventually look like a fiery entrance. Over and over he tumbled through the daylights onto mats that will be airbrushed out in the final feature.

Image: Film Frame 2016 Marvel. All Right Reserved.

‘Up a side street’

Back in the minuscule tent, Scott Derrickson said he was surprised he got to make such a far-out film.

Someones going to say its very outlandish, he supposed, clustered in a hoodie at the conclusion of its counter. He stood resolute though, lament to avoid the familiar magical of movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and ever looking for ways to take the fib in unusual brand-new directions.

What kind of things had we not seen in cinema, what kind of imagery and activity could be created that we havent checked? I started from that plaza and tried to affiliation that in to magic, ” he explained. “Those that tied in became the major set pieces for the movie.

While theres spate of combat in Strange , he was keen to avoid Star Wars light bars and other familiar tropes. Theres some good battle, but thats ever within a situation of something more fantastical and surreal and more mind trippy than simply the supernatural action of combat, he insisted.

Feige earlier had promised a sparkling array of struggles, four main action stages structured around which influence from which aspects[ the specific characteristics] are going to use.

And even though they are humor its Benedict, how is possible to not be funny? Feige questioned this is not Guardians by any means. Its a little bit closer to Captain America: The Winter Soldier .

However the final movie turns out and early trailers give promising glimpses that fortify todays positive impression Swinton is right when she replies it will be something else, even in terms of the Marvel universe.

This is going up a side street into a major piazza that Marvel hasnt been to before, because its all about invention and not so much about eradication and precluding destruction. Its about your recollection, so its a big, large-hearted trip-up.