Assailant shot by police as 40 injured during related happen on Westminster Bridge

Police and security services are investigating the background of the man who killed four parties and injured dozens in a terrorist rampage at Westminster as security was visibly stepped up in the capital city on Thursday.

While the Houses of Parliament prepared to sit as ordinary, officers were attempting to establish the motivation and any terrorist relates of the attacker who was known to counter-terrorism public officials and conducted an investigation into his communications and associates.

A raid was carry forward armed police overnight at a flat above a shop in Birmingham merely west of the city centre, with bordering superhighways close off several hours. BBC Newsnight reported belatedly on Wednesday that private vehicles used in the attack a Hyundai i4 0 could have been rented in Birmingham.

A direct link between the two incidents is yet to be established, nonetheless, West Midlands police directed enquiries to the Metropolitan police in London, which said it would not be noting for operational reasons.

In London, extra officers armed and unarmed ought to have prescribed onto the streets and Parliament Square abides shut as the capital city wakes up. Westminster Bridge remains closed and the tube terminal is open but for interchange only.

Up to 40 parties were injured when a lone terrorist attacked Westminster, stabbing a police officer to death as he sought to whirlwind parliament, and killing three members of the public as he careered through the heart of the capital in a 4×4 vehicle.

The attacker was among those killed in the first mass-casualty terrorist attack on Britain in over a decade. The Commons and Monarch were locked down for several hours because of horrors of further attacks.

PC Keith Palmer. Picture: HO/ AFP/ Getty Images

The policeman who died was identified as Keith Palmer, 48, a are part of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Service. He was married with children and had been a police officer for 15 years.

The Mets head of counter-terrorism, Mark Rowley, said the motivation of the attacker was assumed to be Islamist related and he had tried to enter parliament but had been stopped. Rowley said Palmer was someone who left for work today expecting to return home at the end of his displacement, and he had every right to expect that would happen.

People absconded for their lives as a Hyundai 4×4 driven by the terrorist at about 2.40 pm randomly ran into beings on Westminster Bridge. The employ of the vehicle to criticize civilians was a direct simulate of an Islamic State tactic exploited previously with brutal consequence in Nice and Berlin. The vehicle then careered off the road on to pavement a few metres away from Big Ben and the attacker is seeking to tornado parliament armed with a knife.

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People abscond parliament as gunshots ring out video

Moments subsequently, a police officer who was guarding parliament was fatally jabbed. The attacker, dressed in black, was shot by another armed policeman and succumbed of his injuries.

The Guardian understands the initial toiling the notion of the police investigation are the attacker was inspired by Isis and was most likely a lone actor. The attack was already known to counter-terrorism officials. Rowley said investigators were trying to establish the attackers identifies and his the process of preparing the attack.

Theresa May was hastened out of parliament as the two attacks unfolded and later chaired situations of emergency rally of the governments crisis committee, Cobra.

Shortly before 9pm on Wednesday, her voice cracking with feeling, the council of ministers confirmed that what she called the sick and depraved strike had been carried out by a single assailant. She likewise praised the fearlessnes of the police and other emergency services, who ranged towards the danger, even as they supported others to move the other way.

The prime minister was indicated that Britains menace height would remain at severe, where it has been for some time; but she struck a insolent flavor, insisting it “wouldve been” business as usual for MPs and Londoners on Thursday.

The location of this attack was no accident. The gunmen chose to strike at the heart of our capital city where all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the principles contained in sovereignty, democracy and freedom of discussion, she said.

Attack at parliament

Rowley said: This is a day that we had planned to take place that we all hoped would never happen but sadly it is now a reality.

On Wednesday night, a massive investigation concerning Scotland Grounds counter-terrorism require and domestic security service MI5 was under way. Police premiers have prescribed extra patrolmen, forearmed and unarmed, on to the streets of the capital.

Keeping the national terrorism threat level at severe represents an attack is feared to be highly likely but there is no knowledge a specific patch is imminent.

Parliament was fitted with MPs at the time a couple of hours after “ministers ” question time. They were notified to the incident by the resound of shots being fired.

Within hours, David Lidington, the leader of the Commons, told stupefied MPs: What I am able to say to the house is there has been a serious incident within the estate. It seems that a police officer has been stabbed, that the alleged attacker was shot by armed police.

Witnesses described how a scene of repugnance abruptly unfolded at what is one of the UKs busiest tourist recognizes. Rob Lyon, 34, from Rugby, was moving along Westminster Bridge with a colleague when he saw a 4×4 vehicle touring at high speed, touching pedestrians.

He said: I heard a rotate obviously thumped a kerb, quite a loud crunch racket, I seemed up and witnessed a car clearly smacking people as it came towards me. A peer I was with, James, I heard him sort of call. I instinctively jumped off the sidewalk. I could see beings being hit. And then the car just carried on up the connection and I just looked around and was certainly in shock.

Radosaw Sikorski, a former Polish of ministers for foreign affairs, construed at the least five people lying on the field after being mown down by a gondola. I heard what I thought was just a collision and then I seemed through the window of the taxi and saw someone down, undoubtedly in enormous distress, he said.

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Members of the public helping the injured on Westminster Bridge video

Pictures rose after the incident presenting parties lying injured on Westminster Bridge, some of them hemorrhaging seriously. A woman was drawn alive from the Thameswith serious injuries after having fallen into the ocean during the attack.

The car then sped towards the Palace of Westminster, and came to a halting on the sidewalk, up against railings to the north of New Palace Yard, the dark-green cavity contiguou to Big Ben, opposite an enter to Westminster tube station.

A man with a knife was then construed leading through the gates of the Palace of Westminster, across New Palace Yard and stabbing a police officer.

The attacker resumed his rampage, targeting a second man, according to witnesses. But he was shot by police as he approached, bayonet in hand.

Witness Rick Longley said he saw the car gate-crash into the railings and a soul leaping out. He said: We were just stepping up to the terminal and there was a thunderous blow and a guy, person, gate-crashed a vehicle and took some pedestrians out.

They were just laying there and then the whole crowd exactly surged around the corner by the barriers just opposite Big Ben. A person came past my right shoulder with a big bayonet and just started plunging it into the policeman.

In the aftermath of the attack, Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood helped plow the injured policeman ,~ ATAGEND unsuccessfully trying to resurrect him.

The Bournemouth MP, a former soldier, was visualized with blood on his forehead, helping the police officer in Parliament Square. Ellwoods brother Jonathan was killed in the 2002 Bali terror attack.

Two parties could be seen lying within New Palace Yard, immediately outside Westminster Hall. The will participate in the House of Commons was suspended while police officer sealed off the arena. Parliamentary staff were told to stay in their powers. Instants after the incident, an breeze ambulance property in Parliament Square, as alarms were listened outside, but the officer could not be saved.

Ken Marsh, chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: This incident unhappily shows the chances our colleagues face on a daily basis. They show incredible fortitude protecting the public.

Up to 1,000 parties were evacuated at different places, including Westminster Abbey. It took several hours for parliament to be evacuated.

Hospitals in London were put on alert and of the 20 injured, eight were taken to the major trauma centre at Kings College hospital, with two beings in critical condition and six stable. Those at Lords were six men and two women.

Two casualties were treated at St Thomas hospital, immediately opposite the Houses of Parliament, a “mens and” a woman, both of whom were stable. The ambulance busines said eight of those injured were treated at the scene.

In a statement the Muslim Council of Britain said: We deplore this attack and while it is still too early to conjecture on the motivatings, our thoughts and prayers are for the victims and those affected. We pay tribute, too, to the police and emergency services who treated this with bravery. The Palace of Westminster is the centre of our democracy and we must all ensure that it continues to serve our country and its people with safety and security.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said in a video message: London is the greatest metropoli in the world and we stand together in the face of those who seek to harm the americans and destroy our way of life. We ever have, and we ever will. Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.