We can’t even imagine what this woman is going through right now.

Tragedy struck a pregnant Mississippi teacher when she lost her unborn child after she was hit by a operator on the way home from her babe shower.

According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, Mashayla Harper ( above) was discovered lying along the roadway in Soso after her Honda Accord was struck head-on by a hit-and-run driver in a 2005 Nissan Titan at just before 6 p. m. local season Saturday. The fourth point coach was eight months pregnant.

Sgt. J.D. Carter told local word outlets that the driver, James Gilbert , fled the panorama on foot. Hours later, sheriff Joe Berlin called up the 33 -year-old’s wife and persuasion her to contact Gilbert and allow officials to take him into custody.

The driver has been charged with fleeing the vistum of industrial accidents that justification death or harms and is being held on a $100,000 alliance; both the charge and alliance can go up depending on his blood exam results.

Sgt. Carter said in a statement that Gilbert acknowledged he had been drinking before get behind the rotation. As for why he left the scene, the three men told local shop The Laurel-Leader Call 😛 TAGEND

“I was scared. I’m very sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Harper’s family told Sgt. Carter that she’s awake but in critical condition at Forrest General Medical Center, where she underwent surgery after transferred off site from South Central Regional Medical Center.

The teacher’s father, Maurice Pruitt Sr ., updated her friends and family with a poignant content on Facebook , complete with photos from her newborn shower hours before the fatal accident. He wrote 😛 TAGEND

“To see our babe pas from this being the happiest day if their own lives to I.C.U. in a matter of instants was a complete tragedy. That jerk reached her top on and left her out there on that road to die. We express our appreciation for the individual that happened to be in the province hunting to come to her assistant, otherwise we may not be sitting in I.C.U. praying as she fight for her life. And it actually stroked me when I speak Laurel Leader Call post and how the Soso community climbed into action spreading the word about the man being in the area on foot…some even going out looking for him. Thanks to everyone that’s praying and has called to check on the status of Mashayla Harper … She’s a very strong woman and she continue[ s] to fight for her life.”

Harper’s loved ones have been supporting her through a GoFundMe page that was launched Tuesday to help pay for her medical bills.

Our nerves go out to Harper and their own families at this devastating time.

[ Image via Facebook ]

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