Lawyers for Epsteins casualties say they were almost completely ignored in interview

Prince Andrew is facing a transatlantic reaction over his extraordinary defence of his love with Jeffrey Epstein after advocates who represent 10 of the billionaire predator’s victims branded the imperial unrepentant and implausible and demanded that he speak to the FBI.

After the royal’s defiant Newsnight interrogation on Saturday provoked a disbelieving reaction from the public and the media, the monarch was under changing pressing from critics in the UK and US on Sunday who expected an apology for his conduct and said that his defence of his actions was simply not credible.

Gloria Allred, who has worked on several high-profile sexual harassment cases and is now representing five of Epstein’s victims, told the Guardian:” The right and honorable activity for Prince Andrew to take now is for him to voluntary to be interviewed by the FBI and prosecutors for the southern district of New York[ who are continuing to investigate sex-trafficking accusations against Epstein despite his death in prison in August ].

” Prince Andrew has decided to enter the court of public opinion with this interview and people can decide whether to believe him or not. The most important part of this is the victims and very little was said about them in this interview. They were almost completely discounted .”


The Duke of York’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

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Andrew is reported as having been introduced to Jeffrey Epstein through mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of newspaper industrialist Robert Maxwell. Epstein apparently visits the Queen’s private Scottish retreat in Aberdeenshire



Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein are ensure together at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Later in its first year, Epstein and Maxwell attend a joint birthday party at Windsor castle hosted by the Queen


Teenager claims

Virginia Giuffre, then aged 17, claims to have had sex with Andrew in Maxwell’s Belgravia home. Giuffre, whose surname was Roberts at the time of the alleged incidents, says she slept with Andrew on two further opportunities, at Epstein’s New York home and at an “orgy” on his private island in the Caribbean


Epstein jailed

Epstein is jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to prostituting minors


Epstein freed

Soon after h