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Media captionThe BBC’s Nicholas Witchell says the Duke regularly drives in the Sandringham area

The speed limit on the strain of road where the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a auto disintegrate is expected to be reduced at a council rally later.

Prince Philip, 97, was not injured in the disintegrate on the A149 near the Queen’s Sandringham estate on Thursday.

Witnesses said the duke’s Land Rover nullified during the collision, which happened as he drove out of a driveway.

Norfolk County Council was already due to discuss safety issues on the road before the clang took place.

The authority is expected to lower the maximum speed restriction from 60 mph to 50 mph and approve installing average acceleration cameras on the road.

Witnesses said the duke was “conscious but very, exceedingly shocked and shaken” as he was facilitated out of the vehicle.

Two beings in the other auto involved in the accident were required in order to hospital to be treated for minor injuries and have now been liberated.

Image copyright PA Image caption Prince Philip, 97, regularly drives in the Sandringham area

There were 40 accidents, five members of who the hell is lethal, on the A149, which is the major route to the Norfolk coast, in the six years old from 2012 -2 018.

A “councils report” recommends lowering the maximum speed restraint and installing average acceleration cameras along the road between the Knights Hill roundabout and Snettisham – an idea originally proposed in 2015.

Prince Philip unhurt in gate-crash while driving Media captionPrince Philip crash: ‘People stopped to help’ – eyewitness


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