Richard takes the brand-new Array Wanderer Sport out for a test drive – which includes a great deal of mud, water as well as some very high hillsides. It's after that approximately The Stig to examine out the 'sporting activity' component of the Range Vagabond's name.

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  1. All that off-roading capability, and all that handling….and you just know
    most of them will be bought as urban fashion accessories by people who will
    never utilise either. Shame.

    • +soundseeker63 Yea… i agree with you there 🙂 Those motors need to be
      used to full potential. That’s what keeps them ticking along. The same with
      motorbikes an all… of which i’m a great fan too. I’d be a “Fast Show off
      Roader” 😀 Lol.

    • +Ryan Ryan don’t believe you. My uncle’s Evoque has been in the shops quite
      a bit. He’s switching to Toyota. British cars look nice but they really

    • .you have car for all situations..and for winter times this is good
      too…for mountains too…so i dont know why should not have off road
      packet too…its SUV and its car for off road…or you can buy saloon for
      highways… this is car for all highways, mountains,mud..all

    • rich or higher up people in uk buy it as a statement piece and makes you
      feel superior on the road, nobody goes off road with it lol

  2. Wasnt a fan but maybe I would have a look if I won lotto! Does seem a very
    capable car, although pricey, but I would still be concerned about

  3. Agree, sad that these are so expensive the people who would actually use to
    the fullest can’t afford to even look at it. you can trash jeep all you
    want but people can afford one.

  4. He’s not driving the car he’s made the stig drive it like Jeremy did when
    he was racing Richard in the perfect road trip


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