Up-and-coming rapper Juice Wrld has died after an obvious seizure suffered at Chicago’s Midway Airport early Sunday morning.

The rapper, whose vocation was just taking off after making alongside Travis Scott and secreting several other major projects in the last two years, was just 21 years old.

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According to TMZ , the master had been flying into Chicago from California on Sunday morning when, after his airplane property at Midway, he had allegedly suffered the seizure while treading through the airport. Principle implementation roots say he was in the middle of a medical emergency, with blood coming from his lip, as paramedics arrived on the panorama to render aid.

Juice — whose real refer is Jarad Anthony Higgins — was apparently still awareness when he was quickly hastened to the hospital. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead a short period of time later. The cause of death is still unclear at this moment; it hasn’t been reported hitherto as to whether he had a history of seizures or similar medical emergencies.

A promising career, unexpectedly cut short…

The rapper may have been young, but he was quickly starting to peak in the presentation world before his death, and had already managed to make a name for himself despite having only just turned 21 years old.

He climbed to the top of the charts in 2018, contacting# 2 with his huge summer hit, Lucid Dreams , the impressive music video version of which you can watch( below ):

The young, hard-working rapper had only just turned 21 last Monday, as well, the word store reports. Talk about a promising, impactful life and career cut style, route too short. Ugh. So sad…

Our thoughts and devotions are with Higgins’ category, friends, and loved ones right now, as it must be unimaginable to be dealing with something so abrupt and so terrible like this. This is such tough bulletin to take in any circumstance, plainly, but especially with somebody so young. Ugh.

Rest In Peace…

[ Image via Juice Wrld/ YouTube ]

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