We’re still scandalized at the sudden death of up-and-coming rapper Juice WRLD , and grieved by the hours-long mourning that took over social media on Sunday morning.

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According to TMZ , law enforcement sources are now claiming” people on the plane” “ve told them” the rapper” popped various pills” while still on board, prior to suffering convulsions inside the terminal. It’s not known what various kinds of pills the rapper reportedly took; a number of members of his team only reported he exhausted” several unknown pills” in the time leading up to his medical emergency.

Now, one of the Lucid Dreams rapper’s associates did reportedly tell Chicago police that the late creator had some kind of history with Percocet . However, that has not been confirmed.

To make things a little more complicated, law enforcement generators used to say a bottle of codeine cough syrup was found on the plane. As you likely already know, codeine can be desegregated with soda to create a drink called ” bend ,” “sizzurp,” or” violet booze ,” which has been popularized in hip-hop culture now for more than a decade. The codeine combination in the drink is a depressant, and can cause

There’s clearly a lot left to investigate around the lamentable, untimely death of the young rapper.

Our concludes continue to be with his family, friends, and loved ones during the aftermath of his death and this extended difficult time period. RIP…

[ Image via Juice WRLD/ YouTube ]

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