The actor turned generator speaks his imagination about reviewers, pretentious assistant employment, the mania-led # MeToo movement, and why his ex-wives find him boring

Sean Penn steps into a low-key restaurant not far from his house and slithers undetected into a seat at the back. It is a misty day in Malibu, 15 miles north of LA, and the actor appears in familiar, I-don’t-care semblance: beat-up leather jacket, brushfire fuzz( which, in light of the views he will air about female pride in Hollywood, I feel bound to report may be more vibrant than quality planned ), with the shaky vigor of a soldier who has stood for too long next to very loud orators. The 57 -year-old accosts me affably, to my surprise: while Penn may be long admired for his acting, he is defamed for almost everything else. He is known to be pugnacious, short-tempered, long-winded, a person who hollers at photographers and smokes on Tv. And now he has written a lunatic romance.” It’s the most fun I’ve had professionally ,” he succumbs and tilts back in his chair.

A few daytimes before our fit, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the issues of a full-page newspaper ad in which the publishers, rather cleverly, operated ways from the book’s worst the examinations and requested readers to make up their own attentions. The romance, which follows the escapades of its eponymous hero as he goes around selling septic tank and slaughtering age-old people, is a satire of American customer culture and the faith of portrait, and for weeks its plethoras have been gleefully documented. Penn writes as if every text has been put through a thesaurus: for “face”, read” dermal concealment “; for “quiet”, ” dawdle concert of stillnes “; a gentleman with good hearing has ” extraordinary auditory augmentation economy “. So it goes on, until we are to achieve:” Effervescence lived in her every cellular phrase, and she had spizzerinctum to spare .”

Cherrypicking these exaggerations provides us with a fairly good laugh, but here’s the odd thing: taken as a whole, there is something quite thrilling about Bob Honey, a hallucinatory effect that moves the tale at times nearly feel like a piece of rendition skill. Linger long enough in the world of Penn’s prose and one starts to lose all purchase on world, a sort of brain slide that Penn insists was intentional.” It was meant to be challenging ,” he says.” Meant to have you stop-the-rhythm to go and look something up .” If he talks in a word fog, it is because he opts” to be understood by osmosis. If I’m being summary, I premise[ beings] will fill in, or if I am not being brief”- the far greater likelihood, on the testimony of our schmooze-” the tangents would be connected by the other person .” He hoped the book might work along same lines.

Penn in 2003′ s Mystic River, for which he won a best actor Oscar. Photograph: Allstar

The result, while predominantly maniac, does elicit an emotional response in the reader and for the above reasons alone might be judged a success.” I wrote the Sean-by-osmosis version in about 30 daylights ,” Penn says, after which” I rewrote for two years”, before selling it to Simon& Schuster, where” I “re a lucky man”; Peter[ Borland] totally got the book. I felt I was being supported by a really smart reader .”

Was he revised?

” He wasn’t looking to change anything ,” Penn says cheerfully.” But he did send me great mentions which said,’ I don’t understand this. Do you want me to ?'”( In most cases Penn replied “yes”; in some,” not so much “.) The suggestion he was indulged because of his fame is one he spots astounding.” No, because I wouldn’t have done it any other way. When beings listen to the advice they get, it typically robs the person of the piece. In the movies, they’re not thinking about whether it has impact on them; they’re thinking about whether it will impact the box office .”

This rather quaint view of producing- as an industry devoid of commercial guiding principles and certainly not the kind of business that might judge a volume by a far-famed actor to have greater value as a automobile gate-crash than as something more credible- is the main source of Penn’s enthusiasm for romance writing, which he sees as a less liaised shape of idiom than acting. But why would he trade in something he is indisputably world class at- Penn has prevailed two Oscars, for Milk and Mystic River– for something he is indisputably not? The rebuttal is burnout, what he announces” my great generator of estrangement from my peers, performers who would rather sell a movie than make one “. Where these performers are “brands”, and where even a movie he loves” represents the sum of settlements at its best”, Bob Honey, by oppose, is” all mine. It’s been said you never end a movie, you abandon it, and I didn’t abandon this. I stay where you are every boundary exactly how I wrote it .”

Has he ensure the worst reviews?” I have a sense of them. It’s keep-your-day-job shit. A cluster of children, schadenfreude, whatever. And in the end, some of very good titters I’ve got have been the one-liners that have come out of the worst reviews .”

Through long espousal of leftwing politics, including vocal protests against the Iraq war and support of Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro, Penn is used to being unpopular. Does it hurt to be lampooned?” Well, lampooned signifies the person’s an idiot .” Penn smiles crookedly and shutters his lids.” I’m not susceptible at all .”

Shaking sides with Mexican drug lord El Chapo. Photograph: Sean Penn/ Rolling Stone

There are two personas of Sean Penn that rival the storage of his greatest screen personas. Up there with Carlito’s Way, or Dead Man Walking, or his capacity as Harvey Milk– the 2008 biopic of California’s first homosexual elected official and a action for which there is an opportunity virtually forgive Penn any sum of bad behaviour off-screen- there is the shot of him in a boat rescuing survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and the one of his handshake with Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

The latter, taken two years ago when Penn interviewed El Chapo for Rolling Stone, wreaked down on his head almost as much opprobrium as Bob Honey, for its realized amateurism and for the room it seemed to apologise for a gentleman with so much blood on his hands. Penn remains unrepentant.” Simply because person writes about stuff doesn’t mean they know about it. I know parents who don’t know their own families. Most of these columnists on this subject know fucking nothing and most never read my bit. They speak the excerpts. Then you get a talking head like a Don Winslow[ on CNN ], I’ve speak his works cover to cover and he’s a functioning moron, and parties think he’s something. That’s their tenant expert. It’s like Henry Kissinger is their tenant expert .”

The gung-ho activism is more complicated and, on closer inspection, much more admirable than the caricature recommends. If there is precedent for Penn wading into a enterprise about which he knows nothing and nailing it through sheer bloody-mindedness, it is here, in its own experience with aid.

In 2010, Penn went to Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake and set up the J/ P Haitian Relief Organization, an bureau that has, by all details, been enormously successful and helped thousands of Haitians find shelter and medical comfort. In a piece in the New York Times in 2011, by which time Penn had been in Haiti for almost a year, ex-serviceman expedite craftsmen lined up to praise him. The question of what he was doing in Haiti in the first place has springs in his inability to find equilibrium at home. The very persuasive passages in Bob Honey are those in which Penn writes of his character’s insomnia. When I ask if this comes from experience, he takes a big breath.” So this goes back as far as I, or my mother, can recollect. I was born at 3.45 am and I generally fall asleep at 3.45 am. I’ve been to Zen cores, done sleep studies, everything. I could never get myself to sleep. I’d get up, sometimes, with no sleep at all. And I was get older, so I wasn’t able to push through this thing mentally .” Eventually a doctor prescribed Ambien:” But it doesn’t work like it access to. It doesn’t save me asleep, but I get to sleep and at least get three hours. Then you’re watching the clock for the time you have to get up, and it’s getting closer and closer .”

Some of Penn’s wilder behaviour moves more gumption, perhaps, when looked at in the purposes of the a gentleman who has never had more than three unbroken hours’ sleep.

” Yuh. Judgment topics ,” he says, promoting his eyebrows in what is almost certainly a reference to the time, in 2009, when national courts moved him attend anger management world-class after an altercation with a photographer.

It probably didn’t improve your nature, I suggest.

” No. Nor the recalls that lead to a temperamental response .”

With Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way. Photograph: Allstar

One result of this is that Penn often feels himself to operate best in crisis mode. He quotes a line from Cutter’s Way, a movie from 1981 starring Jeff Bridges and John Heard in which the status of women kills herself to be removed from her alcoholic partner, and the final course of which is:” You know, the routine grind drives me to suck. Tragedy, I take straight .”

” There’s been a lot of that in “peoples lives” ,” Penn says and he relates it, obliquely, to how he is able to function effectively in a destabilised environ such as Haiti after the earthquake.” I repute tragedy can also be urgency. I find myself extending pacify, and being demanding. I can bring an American arrogance to anywhere in the world .” He smiles.” Look, in the movie business you tell your crew:’ I need this set done yesterday .’ When I got to Haiti and I saw how NGOs acted, it would be like:’ This case needs this , now, and this is the person to get in touch with .’ Then I had six other parties asking me six interesting thing. When I clique back half an hour later to the first one and said,’ Did you get wise ?’ they said,’ We’re waiting for a response, we transported an email .’ I said,’ You cast an email? Give me your phone, I’m going to call .’ And it drove me fucking mad .”

Pretty soon, Penn’s outfit became known as an bureau that got things done quicker than the NGOs and he announces it” the most wonderful kind of work to do in an emergency, because it’s disaster related “. It was triage. He nods.” It’s the easiest, commonsense design. There’s a kid in wall street, a truck’s going to hit it, do you know that the sidewalk is clear of paedophiles? No. I’ll prepare my apologetics later .”

It is fascinating that the self-important urgency of a Hollywood movie situate can be translated to a disaster zone, but think about it, Penn says:” It’s the same business, the stakes are higher .” There’s even overlap with the hygiene logistics of filming a movie.” You’ve gotta get porta potties for parties .”

Rescuing survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Photograph: Getty Image

Was he astounded when charges were built last year that assist employees, including Roland Van Hauwermeiren, the head of Oxfam in Haiti, expended sexuality proletarians?” I don’t know why it wasn’t a bigger scandal earlier. I was reading about it in the Haitian press when I was in Haiti in the beginning. Roland Van Hauwermeiren was probably the best country director of an organization that is there. Of course, you’re not the best anything if you’re looking the other way on that stuff. Or, worse yet, if you’re participating .”

In his own organisation, Penn had a policy of” no accept” right down to the rule that” if you inhale one seam, you’re fired “. In fact he ended up tightening the medicines rule for his indigenous proletarians, because” how am I holding that when my neighbourhood proletarians went back to their residences at night? I stopped being an idiot with that .” For the imports, mainly Americans or Brits, nonetheless,” You don’t come to this country to break its laws .”

And when someone in his organisation did smash a rule? Well, Penn says,” There’s no organisation, including my own, where you don’t have something happen. And you deal with it; you certainly want to take it transparent .” The cover-up, he says, is the biggest problem.” I’ve known of situations where big organisations detected something and did an investigation, and fuelled someone- and since they were didn’t want a litigation from such person or persons, another organisation would hire them; it’s like enact on clergymen. In our organisation, I’d get on the phone to whoever the violator was and say,’ If I hear you are ever trying to get a job in one of these organisations, I’m coming to your home town, and I’m going to rent out the movie theatre and testify a documentary about you and make sure your parents are there .'”

Why does he recall an succour employee, who presumably starts out with good goals, gets to the point of manipulating frantic dames this behavior?” I can have hypothesis ,” Penn says,” but they’re the same beliefs one would apply to someone who abuses their children. How do you do that ?”

In light of these life-or-death stakes, Penn is unsympathetic to what he seems to regard as more inconsequential abuses closer to home, particularly those involving celebrity exposure. A week before we match, he showed in the chatter lines for dining with Charlie Rose, the humiliation former TV multitude shot from PBS and CBS for unwarranted behaviour around female staff. Penn is not, it is safe to say, on board with #MeToo, which he describes as” not intellectually honest”,” a motion led by mania” and full of” self-aggrandisement and expressing “. At the end of Bob Honey, he writes a poem defending Charlie Rose and appearing to lament the downfall of Louis CK.

With former marriage Robin Wright, in 2009. Photograph: Getty Persona

Clearly, I say, Penn recalls his friend was mistreated.

” He says one thing happened; other beings said one other thing happened. I wasn’t there. What I do think is we maybe should be very careful; for example, are we now going to say we will never celebrate Thomas Jefferson again: slave owner, that’s all “youre gonna”? Charlie Rose provided one of the only sophisticated dialogue curricula, and I don’t know what the percentages are, but I know that there are some lies that have been told publicly about parties; I know of some serious omissions. I’m talking about females towards humen .” This is a personal issue for Penn, who in 2016 won a court-appointed apology from the head Lee Daniels, who erroneously connoted the actor was guilty of domestic violence.

Romantic ties-in don’t seem to be Penn’s strong point. The worst chips of Bob Honey are those involving the character’s ex-wife, a harridan announced Helen, about whom he is so wicked, I had wondered whether Penn’s own ex-wife might have commented on it. Penn gives me a dry appear.” Which ex-wife ?” he says.

Oh. I had temporarily forgotten about Madonna, to whom Penn was married from 1985 to 1989.” The baby of your minors ,” I say.( Penn and Robin Wright, who were married for 14 years, have Dylan and Hopper, both in their 20 s .)

” No; these references are mergers of a lot of things and she’s not a character in the book .” Penn interrupts.” I don’t think the book would be either one of my ex-wives’ cup of tea. They both just thought that I talked too much in ways that were too complicated .” He titters.” I don’t have a lot of conversations with my most recent ex, but my first ex, we have a close friendship .”

What does he think Madonna would say about the book?” I think if she was reading it, she’d say, ugh, I’ll read this some other time .”

Anyway, Penn says, returning to the subject of # MeToo,” I don’t ever want to be in a move. I don’t trust any shift. The anti-war movement did not sustain. We’re back in battles .”

But going back to his friend Charlie, surely the lesson of this is: don’t saunter around naked in front of your staff if you don’t want to get sacked.” I don’t disagree with that ,” Penn says.” I is going in my original thing, which is that if that’s what the individual that happened to is asking for, then they have a legal speciman to go through, or the company has a decision to realize. But when the company is obligating that decision under the pressure of … a gesture that is led by mania, I get annoyed for both[ surfaces ].”

There is a libertarian fleck in Penn that is impossible to miss. I recurred a wince-making line from Bob Honey, which Penn almost certainly considers to be a liberal statement:” Getting older in America is tough on the status of women; seeing what she’ll do to avoid it is tough on a follower .” I usurp Penn approved of Frances McDormand‘s unadorned form at the Oscars this year?

With Madonna, in 1986.’ She’s such a good egg ,’ says Penn. Photograph: WireImage

He takes a big breath:” When my minors were growing up, there was a thing called the surgery channel and I would watch this thing and get into hysterical laugh. One slice and you’re a human body! We’re the fucking same! But where I actually became a giggling 12 -year-old girl was volunteering for cosmetic surgery: you have someone who’s anaesthetised, and they’re doing the most vile things to them, and I would get so hysterical. You bring up Frances McDormand. What do you do to be more beautiful than that? That fucking female saunters into a area and you don’t know if you want to kiss her, gobble her farts or pierce her toes off, you only want to be around that vigor .” As opposed, he says, to” the vanity that strays on the side of violence against oneself, physical violence. It’s crazy .”

But there are market patrols at play-act. You’re still workable as a leading man at 57; a woman is not.” But isn’t it changing? There’s Meryl out there. Likewise, in matters of the social/ sex part of it, I make more and more- I signify my ex-wife only married a 30 -year-old guy she convened 2 month earlier.[ Wright is reported to have married a French pattern PR director earlier this year .] You see that dynamic switch. When I would try to console a woman in the business who maybe wasn’t getting the opportunities I was because they were the status of women, I’d say, well, which fractions are you not get? Because, humanity or dame, most percentages are shit. Most movies are shit. If you look at the really talented girls- Julianne Moore never has trouble getting a place. The opportunities are there .”

Does he understand why his countrymen voted for Trump?

” I have a pretty good opinion. We became celebritised ,” he says.” I don’t buy Beings publication. But when people complain that someone took a picture of them or that their privacy is being invaded, I’m like, yeah? Fuck you. I exactly spent my entire adult life with you telling me that because I want to express myself as an actor, that that comes with the territory. Well, it comes with the territory for you , now, and you bought those fucking People periodicals. You acquired that happen .” He is jabbing his digit at me across the table.” When I go like this, I’m not at my best ,” he says.” So two sides that are not at the most appropriate, it gets extremely shallow .” Penn has a disdain for the relevant recommendations of the personal brand.” Branding is being! Branding is being! The algorithm of modern binary existentialism ,” he writes in Bob Honey, a line I read out to him now.

“Yeah,” says Penn, lowering his eyes and seeming sage.

What does” the algorithm of modern binary existentialism” mean? He clicks his eyes open.” Well. Binary- two components. When you’re taking an algorithm that’s going to identify the two components, and, the authorities have, I feel I talk about in the book too … it’s America today .” There follows a long story about how easy it is to buy constituents for a rocket in the US.

” I’ve just gone off on the word binary. But I think it’s self-explanatory, in there. Huh .”

Anyway, he says, the reason beings voted for Trump is” because I think there’s a mental health problem in this country. It’s frenzy over reasonablenes. There’s a lot going on that was going on in Nazi Germany; we’re receive scapegoats, radicals to dislike, whether it be of a race, or so-called lefty Hollywood, so that’s part of why I want to write something- I exclusively have my sense of humour to offer. I didn’t want to just be angry all the time .”

And he isn’t. There is an underlying humour to Penn’s rants that is often lost in translation and while I find much of what he says bizarre, cocky and sometimes delusional, to my astonish, I too find him amiable and funny- a genuine American eccentric.

As we get up to leave, I can’t help chuckling.” Sorry. I impede thinking about the fact that Madonna thought you were boring .”

” I enjoy her ,” Penn says, and chuckles. Is she a good egg?” Such a good egg .”

We go outside to his pick-up truck and he interposes me to Flyboy, his six-month-old golden retriever. After Penn has become, I call a friend with a degree in philosophy.” Does’ the algorithm of modern binary existentialism’ aim anything ?” I question. After the laughter just died down, he says,” I think he symbolizes … in modern life everything is black and white. But existentialism refers to a specific tradition in philosophy; he surely precisely entails live .” No trouble; Penn has a lot more to say. Before leaving he “ve been told”: he is hard at work on Bob Honey, the sequel.

* Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn is published by Simon& Schuster at PS14. 99. To guild a emulate for PS12. 74, go to or entitle 0330 333 6846.

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