Messages from network involving Matt Shea provide insight into patriot flow and the fullest extent of their plot thinking

Leaked Signal letters from an online chat system around six-term Washington state Republican representative Matt Shea show new evidence of violent fantasizes, surveillance of perceived antagonists, scheme contemplating, Islamophobia, and support for white nationalists.

The letters from the schmooze radical, exchanged between October 2017 and October 2018, testify Shea’s network includes other helping, former and aspiring rightwing politicians from Idaho and Washington, alongside activists associated with militia groups, anti-environmental cases, and pro-gun activism.

They likewise indicate participants, including Shea, preparing for financial and societal collapse even as they campaign for the secession of eastern Washington from the remainder of the state.

The contents cater a rare insight into the inner workings- and paranoia- of the so-called patriot movement, whose members were enrolled in standoffs with the federal government in Nevada and Oregon, and whose far-right impressions have been controversially promoted by Shea.

Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the progressive Western Nation Center, said of the chit-chats:” The chitchat words reveal Shea acting more like a militia captain than an elected official. His conspiratorial and brutal mindset are on full exhibition. If it was not already clear, Shea has demonstrated that he is unfit for public part. Now it’s time for my honourable colleagues in the Washington house of representatives to hold him accountable .”

Shea is currently under investigation by the Washington state house after reporting on his activities by the Guardian and local media outlets.

The network

The group chat the meanings is indicated in was repeatedly be submitted by participates as an “intel” canal for sharing information among a large group of Shea’s associates, including 😛 TAGEND

Washington state representative Matt Shea, who positions in the chat under a frequently used online alias Verrumbellator.

Two-term Idaho state representative Heather Scott.

Former Spokane Valley councilman and Shea ally Mike Munch.

Former Spokane Valley councilman and podcaster Caleb Collier.

An account posting as “Marble”, attached to a phone number registered to Anne Byrd, who with spouse Pastor Barry Byrd contributes the secretive Marble Community Church, headquartered in a combination in remote north-east Washington.

Broadcaster and Shea lieutenant Jack Robertson, also known as John Jacob Schmidt.

Patriot movement activist and Malheur standoff participant Anthony Bosworth. Bosworth ranges a patriot push radical called Liberty For All, formerly operated for Yakima county sheriff, and was charged with assaulting his daughter in downtown Yakima.

Former Spokane county employee and retired air force officer John Christina.

Former candidate for Washington commissioner of public properties Steve McLaughlin, who told the SPLC in 2016 that he was pulling back from participation the patriot movement

Jay Pounder, a former Shea confidant who leaked the chats to the Guardian.

A rightwing rally in Portland last year, where far-right demonstrators and antifa counter-protesters clashed. Photograph: John Rudoff/ Rex/ Shutterstock


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