They say your marriage date should be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

And it would have been for Justice Stamper before a car ruin practically took it all away .

She and her husband, Jeremy, were married on August 1, 2014, in tranquil Hungry Mother State Park, in countries around the world sunflower-themed rite before family and sidekicks.

Justice and Jeremy were first married at Hungry Mother State Park. All photos by Kayla Williams, used with allow.

On August 20, 2014, just weeks after her bridal, Justice Stamper was in a harrowing vehicle coincidence that deleted every last one of her wed memories.

From planning and cake tastings, to moving down the aisle, to her and Jeremy’s honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains.

All of it become .

It took her months to work up the mettle to admit to her husband that she had no remember of the working day they had dreamed about together for so long.

It was one of the most wonderful days of their lives but the pleasure was short-lived.

When she ultimately told Jeremy, he promised her they would do it all over again.

He started a GoFundMe fundraising expedition to scrape together enough coin to give Justice a wed daylight she’d recollect forever. One even better than their first.

And as of this writing , Jeremy has raised nearly doubled his original goal of $5,000.

There’s never a good time for misfortune to strike, but for some people, it stumbles at the absolute worst moment.

In 2007, Katie Spinks suffered an epileptic seizure only hours before her wed and woke up not knowing where she was and not even recognizing the tuxedoed being countenancing across from her . She only recollected her husband-to-be halfway through the opening ceremony.

In 2013, Amanda Karth suffered an extreme heart attack the night of her marry that knocked her instinctive for daytimes, wiping away the glad reminiscences of her nuptials in the process . And in 2014, exactly two months before his wedding to fiancee Leizl, Rowden Go Pangcoga was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. D octors said he’d never make it to the ceremony .

Each of these intrepid individuals, along with their loving marriages, noticed a channel to overcome the obstacles.

Katie made a memory book full of photos so she’d never forget her wed, her boys, and their own lives with her husband.

Amanda refurbished her commits with her bridegroom in a tender ritual after their story gained wide-ranging courtesy.

Rowden and Leizl moved their wedding up almost a full month and were married in a hospital. All because the moment meant that much to them.

And on August 1, 2015, Justice Stamper will have her instant one that she and her husband will share forever.

Justice and Jeremy will get married again on August 1.

Love is built on these shared ordeals bridals, deliveries, and all the day-to-day minutes in between. It’s built on an ability to look back in awe of everything you’ve been through together.

The good and the bad .

Jeremy and Justice will tie the knot for the second hour, and this time in front of not only their family and acquaintances, but everyone who helped them make this great era possible.

And afterward, they’ll eventually be able to employ the incident behind them and embark a brand-new assembly of their lives together.


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