Image: tyler essary/ mashable

Tesla Engine‘ electric, self-driving autoes are already a concept of beauty.

But after Tesla’s stock price increased after hours on Wednesday, a San-Franscisco vandal sense the car would look even better with some celebratory spray paint.

Silicon Valley recruiter Morgan Missen shared a photo of her neighbor’s vandalized Tesla on Twitter Wednesday. The expensive automobile was involved in what she seemed is more San Francisco crime ever.

A vandal labelled the car with its after hours inventory cost, Missen wrote when she posted a photo of the tarnished Tesla.

Tesla’s stock price ended up increasing by$ 9 to $211 after hours.

As you can see from the photograph, the Tesla appears to have the stocks cost anatomy, 211, spray painted across the car’s driver-side opening and driver-side body.

Missen posted a second photo of the car from a different inclination, admitting that her first supposed upon witnessing the defacement was centered around the vandal’s penmanship.

This isn’t the first time a Tesla has been the target of international crimes. Though this Tesla is now in need of a makeover, Missen shared that fortunately her neighbor’s other Tesla was left unharmed.



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