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The most up to date full video compilations of automobiles, rally automobiles, bikes, motorcycles, mobility scooters as well as even more worldwide. New videos posted weekly with initial audio only.Car crash compilation with initial noise just.
Compilation de vidéos de accident toutes les semaines, seulement avec le child originale.D' autres vidéos esclusives sont aussi au rendez-vous (supercar, mobility scooter et bien d'autres …).
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  1. The guy at 2:14 “Pretty sure that’s a Lambo”… You sir are a dumbass.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that was the guy who intentionally drove his Veyron
    into a lake for the insurance money

    • I think that’s why he went in the water. Imagine the shock, buying a 2.5
      million dollar Veyron and hear some guy call it a Lambo…

  2. 2:09 XDDDDDDDDDDDD That Guys just dive in the water with Bugatti what a
    loser,he will spend even more money to repair all shits!


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