We have been talking about Taylor Swift being apolitical for years. She eventually moved there. And Perez has A LOT to say!

A positive updated information on Kanye West ‘ s mental health!

Amber Rose vs Blac Chyna !

Iggy Azalea is massive on social media but only had a second flop tour. Can she recuperate?

Cardi B is complaints about being famous- does anyone else was of the view that irking?

Ryan Lochte declares to struggle with craving after two wild happens!

Jersey Shore ‘ s The Situation to help incarcerate epoch!

Manny MUA returns to social media and manipulates it all fairly smartly!

Joey Graceffa is very sick!

James Charles beefing with everyone, like he’s the new Jeffree Star !

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Rose McGowan, The Bachelor , Bode Miller, Riverdale and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW! Enjoy! And SHARE!

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TAYLOR SWIFT went Republican shook :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-07-taylor-swift-politics /~ ATAGEND KANYE WEST removes his Twitter and Instagram :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-07-kanye-west-deletes-twitter-instagram /~ ATAGEND AMBER ROSE ceases relationship with Blac Chyna :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-08-amber-rose-blac-chyna-breakup /~ ATAGEND IGGY AZALEA nullifies tour :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-06-iggy-azalea-exclusive /~ ATAGEND CARDI B sad with pics of her daughter being taken :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-05-cardi-b-kulture-paparrazi-photos /~ ATAGEND RYAN LOCHTE in rehab :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-05-ryan-lochte-rehab-drinking-problem /~ ATAGEND RYAN LOCHTE’s auto gate-crash :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-06-ryan-lochte-car-crash /~ ATAGEND THE SITUATION goes 8 months in prisons :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-05-mike-situation-sorrentino-prison-sentence /~ ATAGEND RONNIE ORTIZ and his babymomma :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-05-ronnie-ortiz-magro-jen-harley-relationship-status /~ ATAGEND ROSE MCGOWAN on Me Too :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-07-rose-mcgowan-me-too-movement-lie-losers /~ ATAGEND THE BACHELOR alum dies unexpectedly :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-05-the-bachelor-cristy-caserta-dead /~ ATAGEND BODE MILLER welcome child 4 months after losing child :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-08-bode-miller-morgan-welcome-son /~ ATAGEND RIVERDALE’s Camila Mendes and Charles Melton dating :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -1 0-07-riverdale-stars-camila-mendes-charles-melton-are-instagram-official /~ ATAGEND


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