People are saying all sorts of stupid drivel about Taylor Swift today. ENOUGH !!

Plus, the very latest on Khloe Kardashian AND all of today’s hottest tales!

Koko remains committed to Tristan Thompson! EVERYONE is confirming that, which we reported yesterday!

Her delivery was quite the creation!

Kim& Kourtney ricochetted from Cleveland after less than 24 hours!

Next season of KUWTK is gonna be so lit!

Yet ANOTHER woman had a months-long affair with Khloe’s babydaddy!

Tristan is sooooo sorry! SMDH!

More drama with Meghan Markle’s family!

Taylor Swift is going so much better superfluous detest!

Super stimulating Zayn Malik news!

Millie Bobby Brown dumps boyfriend after underage sexting fiasco!

Things are hella awkward between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

Amy Schumer burns her husband’s ex-girlfriend!

Kendra Wilkinson and her ex are getting back together, possibly faking everything!

Huey Lewis’ very sad medical state!

Will Ferrell’s terrifying auto gate-crash!

And much MORE! Watch!

The links to all the tales are after the climb !!!

Enjoy! Share!

KHLOE KARDASHIAN remains committed to Tristan Thompson:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-alleged-cheating-scandal-no-breakup

KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s delivery was quite the production:
http :// 2018 -0 4-12-khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-baby-birth-hospital-security

KUWTK is gonna be so lit next season:
http :// 2018 -0 4-12-khloe-kardashian-baby-birth-tristan-thompson-cheating-filmed-kuwtk-season-15

TRISTAN THOMPSON had a months-long affair with another woman:
http :// 2018 -0 4-12-khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-cheating-another-women-photos-tania

TRISTAN THOMPSON is so remorseful:
http :// 2018 -0 4-12-tristan-thompson-khloe-kardashian-cheating-scandal-remorseful

KIM& KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN ditch Khloe after less than 24 hours:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-kim-kardashian-kourtney-kardashian-leave-new-mom-khloe-kardashian-cleveland-sighting

MEGHAN MARKLE family drama:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-meghan-markle-royal-wedding-prince-harry-snubbed-estranged-family-distant-cousin

TAYLOR SWIFT is get so much better wasteful dislike:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-taylor-swift-earth-wind-fire-september-delicate-listen-reactions

ZAYN MALIK is conquering his anxiety AND going on tour:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-zayn-malik-gigi-hadid-breakup-new-album-love-forever-things-change

MILLIE BOBBY BROWN drops boyfriend amidst underage sexting drama:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-millie-bobby-brown-jacob-sartorius-cheating-allegations

JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ are awkwardly still going to the same religion:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-justin-bieber-baskin-champion-selena-gomez-church

AMY SCHUMER fervours her husband’s ex-girlfriend:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-amy-schumer-fires-pr-manager-carrie-byalick #. WtFBLdMbPyU

KENDRA WILKINSON and her ex are forgery their divorce:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-kendra-wilkinson-hank-baskett-trying-to-work-things-out-report

HUEY LEWIS has lost his hearing:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-huey-lewis-and-the-news-hearing-loss-menieres-cancels-shows

WILL FERRELL’s SUV throws over in accident, raced to infirmary:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-will-ferrell-hospital-car-accident-suv-flipped

ORLANDO BROWN busted by bounty hunter:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-orlando-brown-bounty-hunters-arrested-in-underwear-video

BILL COSBY rape trial sustains:
http :// 2018 -0 4-13-janice-dickinson-bill-cosby-rape-retrial-testimony


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