It’s a TikTok that starts off, like many others, with two teenages girlfriends start lip-syncing to a hip-hop song. But then you recognize the girls are upside-down, and the crazed windshield expresses something much more jarring: They’re lip-syncing on TikTok in the aftermath of a major car crash.

Katie Cornetti, 16, told the Daily Dot she selected a song–Ashnikko’s “STUPID” — and began recording her and her friend Marissa Bordas as they hung suspended for 20 minutes in Bordas’ totaled car.

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Cornetti said that an improperly mounted tire generated the car to crash on Nov. 16 outside of Pittsburgh. The TikTok shows the girls laughing and emerging physically penalty, and Cornetti told BuzzFeed News that the only injury she suffered was a small bruise on her cheek caused by her phone.

” We were both, by the blessings of God, perfectly fine ,” Cornetti told the Daily Dot.

Cornetti said she and Bordas, who was driving, had ensured each other’s security before chuckling about the situation. Recording the TikTok allowed for them to cope with humor as they waited for emergency services to arrive, Cornetti said.

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” There was not much we could do to make anything better, so that’s what we decided to do ,” Cornetti told BuzzFeed News.” Literally the week before I got into a small car accident I was freaking out and crying–that was not the most efficient way to cope with anything .”

But she does understand the absurdity of the video.

” Who takes a TikTok “whether theyre” flip-flop over in a gondola, fasten ?” Cornetti said.

While some on TikTok and Twitter commended the girls for their devotion to TikTok, others discovered it as inappropriate.

” They’re mode very soothe for developments in the situation ,” user @lexthelibra commented on Cornetti’s post.

” Imagine being the[ firefighter] that sprints up to the flipped vehicle to see … this …” @llamas_. in_.pajamas commented.

Famed YouTuber Zane Hijazi reposted the TikTok on Twitter where it get over a million views.

” These daughters got into an accident, threw their automobile, and still managed to get a TikTok up ,” Zane tweeted.

Cornetti and two of her friends made another TikTok post to explain the accident in a “storytime” video. The girlfriends said they were on their style to get smoothies when the tire effected the car to flip-flop while Bordas was making a turn.

” The gondola mostly just like flip-flop twice, went through a barricade ,” Cornetti said.” And just so you know, “were not” even on our telephones. Even I, who was the fare –[ we] “re not” on our telephones .”

In the “storytime” video, the girls sit in a parked auto as they address the internet’s comments.

” And if anyone was wondering, Daddy’s fund is not paid under my “fuckin car” ,” Bordas says.” It’s my fund, expressed appreciation for very much .”


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