Mike Johnson is getting truly real about not being picked as the next Bachelor — and he’s doing everything is with class!

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The 31 -year-old, and Demi Lovato ‘ s

And as Johnson has stated in the past, a large part of this whole thing comes down to the fact that he would’ve been the first black Bachelor leading man ever — something he clearly would’ve been very proud of doing.

He spoke more( below ):

“It was bigger than me and I wanted to represent for all people of color. And then too, talking about people of color, they need to have an Asian Bachelor , they need to have an Indian Bachelor , they need to have other people outside of just black and white and I wanted to speak on that as well. But I did audition to be the Bachelor , and I 100 percentage did want to be the Bachelor . I found out in the trailers before you go on Bachelor in Paradise reunion. And, I knew it. I already knew in my pate. Yes I wanted to be the Bachelor , yes I auditioned to be the Bachelor . I moved in there with the claim goals of wanting to find love and wanting to be true to myself. You might have insured du-rag king come back. I had a list, a[ Microsoft] Word record, of the type of women I missed, what I was scared of and what I wasn’t scared of.”

Wow !!!

And even through all the disappointment, Johnson doesn’t comprise any ill will against Pilot Pete — and he’s still optimistic that he’s going to find the claim being for himself, very! The 31 -year-old hunk summed everything is up( below ):

“[ The demo] chose the right person for what they want, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. When I first found out, I’m not gonna lie — I was lamentable. I was vexed when I very first found out. But then, I imagine by the end of the darknes, I wasn’t harassed no more because I was appreciative and thankful that they told me’ no’ right then and there, because now I can focus on myself. I’m just sanctified because I know I’mma find my partner and find my queen.”

Amen to that last part !!!!

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