MOVING IN STEREO– life's the very same i'm moving in stereo/ life's the very same except for my footwears/ life's the same you're shaking like tremolo/ life's the very same it's all inside you/ it's so simple to explode your problems/ it's so simple to highlight your malfunction/ it's so easy to fly via a home window/ it's so easy to mislead with the sound/ it's so difficult to get up/ it's so hard/ it's so tough to live up/ it's so difficult on you

ALL MIXED UP– she darkness me in the mirror/ she never leaves on the light/ some points that i state to her/ they just do not appear to bite/ it's all blended/ she techniques me into assuming/ i cannot think my eyes/ i await her permanently/ she never does arrive/ it's all mixed up/ she says to leave it to me/ everything will certainly be alright/ she's always out making pictures/ she's always out making scenes/ she's always out the window/ when it involves making dreams


  1. FUN FACT: for the fans who remember ”Stereo” with Phoebe Cates, did you
    know she actually met The Cars and attended ”Hello Again”s music video

  2. please vote for the Cars…they’re nominees for the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall
    of Fame. vote for them and i’ll love you 4ever :)

  3. miss Dana Michael, let’s get back to the part where you will love me
    forever, i must admit I didn’t watch to find out if they were inducted,
    they deserve to be, your lips look so familiar, I love the cars! ☆ ;-)see

    • I wonder if Elenor remembers this album and the party on August 18th, 1979,
      in Lakewood N. J., how we were falling in love, but we moved and the chance
      of love slipped away. I went in the military, and she got married. And that
      was that. This album was always good with a six pack of Budweiser through
      the years when I ever I dared remember her and what went awry for two teens
      in love. Now I’ll drink some more beer and wrote another song about it.
      Live Before You Die, right Jon.

  4. Soooooooooo much better than anything coming out today, and that means you
    Katy Perry and you Lady Gaga and you Britney Spears and you Adele.

  5. This album was pure genius and a fabulous change in music! It was my first
    break from album to cassette. I listened to it over and over – these two
    songs especially. Awesome! Happy memories!:))

    • Same Diane Kunick long time ago but great memories, Im pretty sure I had
      the album and cassette and loved listening to it in my 1st car ( well first
      car I bought a little Mazda hatchback, before that I had my parents old
      car) this band were the start of my love for new wave music ! RIP Ben Orr
      great talent gone too soon ! 🙁 x


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