( CNN) There’s a ideology that every new president poises out the previous tenant of the Oval Office.

By this reasoning, it’s easy to understand why some kinfolks interpret Bernie Sanders as the eventual comparison to Donald Trump: a Democratic socialist and Sixties-style revolutionary who rails against millionaires and billionaires. But take a step outside the class-warfare paradigm and let’s look at compares in reference and know-how — calibers which normally drive a decision of who to hire for a big job.

Even his reviewers concede that Joe Biden is known for his propriety and empathy among longtime colleagues in the Senate. “As good a humankind as God ever caused, “ asserted a teary-eyed Senator Lindsay Graham back in 2015, before he went full Trump. Here’s what John McCain said about him: “He is a good and decent person, God-fearing and category, a devoted leader and partner and a genuine patriot who puts our country before himself.”


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