My Dearest Lilly,

I’m writing this because I believed that it was far too difficult to talk to you in person. I likewise need you to hear me out, without rolled your eyes or ending me. There are some things that have happened that your leader and I never told you about. We tried to bury it and move on because as quickly as it all had come into “peoples lives”, it was gone. Sometimes, I wonder if the whole thing had just been a figment of our collective imaginations; Maybe we were all simply stressed out at the time of my pregnancy with you, having merely moved into a new home, and trying to prepare everything for your advent. However, as your baby, knowing that you are currently carrying my unborn granddaughter in your belly, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you what happened to us when I was still pregnant with you .

When I saw you last weekend, you appeared a bit tired. I know the dark cliques under your eyes weren’t the shade of exhaustion that typically comes with the third trimester of pregnancy. They examined far too familiar, like the ones I had carried under my attentions during that outpouring of 2019. I’m going to go with my impulses and trust that they label the presence of something far more sinister.

You see, Lilly, It all started that outpouring when you were still growing in my belly. Your father and I had leased the members of this house on the western side of Detroit. With your big brother and grandma too lives with us, we needed a house with more infinite to accommodate our germinating family. We were “re running out of time” and funds, so when we found that place, we eagerly took it and never seemed back.

In the beginning, we were so happy. The room was everything we needed. Your brother, nearly three years old at that time, ultimately got his own bedroom. We were so excited to make a home for ourselves and prepare to welcome you, because we knew you were coming that summer. We were so relieved to have a place to call our own again. It was pleased to not have to answer to anybody.

The first two months of living there are kind of a blur now. Strangely enough , good-for-nothing really happened during that time. All of the activity started that April.

The first strange occasion that I can remember, happens if I was trying to take a nap upstairs. Our bedroom was finally totally unpacked, and I was exhausted. I had been having difficulty sleeping lately. With my pregnant belly, seeing a comfy position to sleep in had become a challenge. When I was finally about to drift off to sleep, I hear a creaking coming from the floorboards in our chamber. Initially, I had thought that it was your parent, coming home early from task. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes that I realized is not simply was the creaking actually coming from behind the headboard of our bed but that the seems were coming from inside of our bedroom wall .

When your parent got home later that day to find me sleeping on the couch, I told him what I had heard, and he validated that he had been hearing strange interferences coming from inside the walls for a few cases eras. He was indicated that he would listen scratching from within of the walls sometimes late at night when I was asleep, but he didn’t want to wake me up or scare me. Your father even said that he tried to investigate what the source of the rackets is currently in his own, but found that the door to the cubby that lead to the inside of the walls had been drilled shut by either the landowner or a previous tenant of the home.

After we both confirmed to each other what we had been hearing, it get worse. Lilly, I attest, there were darkness where the scratching in the walls turned in to pulsate. Merely then, it wasn’t just coming from inside of the walls, It sounded like it would travel up the walls, and in to the ceiling. However, that was impossible, because there wasn’t enough space between the ceiling and our ceiling for any animal to wedge itself up there, let alone move around. But I swear to you, that is what we heard. Except it announced more human than animal; Boney knees and elbows scurrying clumsily across our bedroom ceiling.

I detested sleeping in that room without your father-god. On dates when I couldn’t take it anymore and desperately needed to take a nap while your father was at work, I would lay down in the front room, on the couch. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before strange things started happening in there , too.

One night after employment, your father was in the living room playing video games while sitting on the couch. He had this headset on that allowed him to hear “whats going on” in video games, and interact with other people who were playing the game in different locations. At the time, he was really focused on what was happening on the TV screen in front of him. Then, out of nowhere, he felt someone physically tap on his headset, on the patch that had been clothing his ear. His automatic assumption had been that your friend, Brayden, had snuck out of his room and on to the couch while your father was distracted. When he appeared around and discovered that he was all alone in the room, he quickly got up and checked in on Brayden, exclusively to find him seemed asleep. As well as everyone else in the house.

Later that week, I was sitting in the living room and folding laundry when I heard your grandmother see me from her bedroom. I threshed the clothes aside, carefully went up, and waddled my pregnant ego in to her bedroom to see what she missed. When I got there, she looked at me in confusion.

” Well, what do you want ?” I questioned, impatient with the direction she was just look at this place me.

” What? Nothing .” She said.

” Then why the hell did you only announce me and construct me come all the way in here ?”

“Megan,” she said, sitting outside from her bunked,” I never called you. I was laying in here looking at my phone .”

I wasn’t the only one hearing tones. It might perhaps be that same day when your father was sitting in the front room, and Grandma came in and said, “What?”

Your father looked at her and said ” I didn’t say anything .”

” Benny, I just heard you call my appointed. What’s up ?”

He looked at her and chuckled nervously,” Tammy, I didn’t call you. I assert .”

Then, they both heard me call” Hey you guys, come here for a second !” from the kitchen.

Your father and grandmother both looked at each other suspiciously, then went in to the kitchen, only to find it empty. They both started screaming my refer, reputing I might have gone down stairs.

“What’s up?” I requested, ambling into the kitchen behind them,” Why are you yelling? I just got Brayden to lay down for a nap .”

They both turning back and gazed at me in horror.

” You is now in Brayden’s area this whole occasion ?” Grandma asked.

” Yeah, why ?”

” Then who the inferno merely called us in to the kitchen ?” Your father questioned, fastening the door to the basement.

” Who announced me in to the living room right before that ?” Grandma questioned, terrified.

I gazed backward and forward between their faces, simply got to make sure they weren’t trying to pull one over on me. When I decided that they were both genuinely disorient and startled, I said,” Was it like earlier when you called me in to your bedroom, but it wasn’t you ?” I questioned Grandma, goosebumps ingesting every inch of my body.

A few nights later, I was awoken by my phone at 4 in the morning. It was your grandmother, calling me from her area downstairs. When I reacted, she was sobbing.

” Megan can you come down here satisfy ?”

” Mom, what’s wrong? What time is it ?”

” Please rushing ,” She muttered, startled,” And don’t hang up until you get here .”

” Mom, I gotta pee-”

“No!” She started sobbing again, ” Come down here right now !”

So, I toddled as quickly as my swollen ankles would enable, and raced in to her chamber. I turned the light on, and acquired her hiding under her coverings in bed.

” Mom, what the hell ?”

I turned the light on and hastened over to her bed.

She gathered the cross off of her and looked at me in terminated fear.

” There was someone, or something here ,” She suffocated,” I felt it sit on the edge of my berthed! I thought it was Brayden crawling into bed with me, but it didn’t move. I simply felt the heavines on my mattress and blankets, and then it was just still and silent and wouldn’t move. I couldn’t pull the coverings out from under its weight or anything! If it was Brayden, he would have been able to moved. He would have struggled to climb into bed with me. It wasn’t him !”

” Mom, hold on ,” I handed her the box of tissues off of her darknes stand.” Are you sure it wasn’t-”

” It wasn’t a dream, Megan! I felt it sitting here with me! I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and concealed under what coverings I could and called you. It was still sitting there as I was on the phone with you! When I heard your paces coming down the stairs, I felt it propel. It get up, but I don’t think it left. It’s still in here, I can feel it-”

” Mom, it’s okay. I believe you. strange trash has been happening around here lately .”

She blew her nose and nodded in agreement.

” I know you’re scared, but I’m gonna go check on Brayden real quick. I gotta make sure he’s okay .”

” Yes, start !”

Thankfully, when I checked on your brother that night, he was fine. He was sound asleep in his berthed. Nonetheless, the telephone that we kept in his room that redoubled as a nightlight as well as a source of solacing music to help him sleep, had been turned off and was on the floor on the other side of the chamber. We ever kept it on the dresser, where he couldn’t reach it. judging from where we usually saved it and where I feel it, there is no it exactly fell off of the dresser. It was like something had to have grabbed it and fling it to the other side of his bedroom. This realization scared the hell out of me, because now, whatever had been happening in our residence was going physical. What else could it do?

All of these appearances had happened inside of the first 2 week of April. On April 15 th, 2019, I had one of the scariest nightmares of my life.

I had dreamed that your cousins, the ones I used to babysit as children, were staying at our room. They were little again, and they had been sleeping on our bedroom flooring. In my dream, one of them had awoken and was crying. She moment down the hallway toward the stairs and said,” There’s something there !”

I tried to soothe her, but she wouldn’t calm down.

” Something is right here !” she insisted.

Just then, in the dream, I heard a noise coming from the hallway. It was a rapid thudding, accompanied by quick, raspy breathing. The only course to describe it is that it resonated like something was crawling promptly toward us.

” Okay you two, get up here !” I hollered, madly grabbing at the children, trying to yank them in to my bed with me,” Get in this bed right now! I don’t know what that is but I want you to get behind me right now-”

And then I discovered it.

A grotesque hand reached around the corner of my dream and grabbed the leading edge of the wall. The paws were long and inhuman, the knuckles gnarled as if they had been riddled with decades of arthritis. In that moment, I prayed as hard as I could not to have to see who- or what — was attached to that hand.

Before I could scream, I accompanied a face peek around the corner and glare at me. It was the most outraging, horrific face that I have ever seen. It draws me feel physically ill to even write of it now. It was the face of what can only be described as a hag. As soon as we stirred seeing contact, the thing unhinged its jaw and let out the shrillest, most nauseating scream I have ever heard in “peoples lives”. Then it turned down, chassis altering in to a pitch-dark shadow, and flew into the bathroom.

Running on pure rage and adrenaline, I hopped off of the berthed and chased after it. I entered the bathroom just in time to watch the dark mass fly down the drain of the lavatory settle and disappear.

I awoke from that dream in a cold sweat. I get up, ran to the bathroom, and hurled up.

The second half of that April was pretty stagnant, as far as any paranormal pleasure get. I necessitate, your leader and I continued sounding the scratching and thrashing in the walls and ceiling. As a result, we were wearied and grumpy all of the time, but there were no more nightmares or physical evidence of anything strange happening.

Then, on April 30 th, 2019, everything comes down to a president. It was my 25 th birthday, and we were all sleep-deprived, including your grandmother who had been scared to sleep in her own area, perfectly insistent that there was a presence in there. On that day, your parent and I had wanted to go out and guide some errands, and we asked your grandma to watch your brother, so we wouldn’t have to get him garmented and is concerned at him coming with us. We is ready to get things done speedily, and it would just be easier to leave your brother home. Of track, “weve all” tired and snarling at each other on this day. Grandma was “re giving me” a hard time about having to babysit, so I lastly went fed up and told her we would just take Brayden with us. At the last minute, Grandma changed her mind and agreed to watch him for us. I still thank God that she did.

I had grabbed your brother’s coat and a covering, because I had thought we were going to have to take him with us. When granny eventually said she would watch him, I was so wearied and frustrated and desperate to get the hell out of the house, that I took his coat and blanket with me without realise it. When I got in the car, I sat with them on my belly, then placed my fucking seat belt on.

Lilly, I don’t even remember where we were pate on that day. All I know is, one minute your father was driving and everything was fine, and then the next, I hear a high-pitched, eerily shrill scream that was familiar in the most nasty room. Then, our car careened forward, then sideways. There was an explosion of glass all the countries of us. The little shards of glass flew in front of my face in slow motion, collecting the sunlight and shimmering with the promise of tomorrow and the potential death of that day. In that minute, all I could think of was you as my psyche beat involuntarily this lane and that. When the car lastly descended silent again, the only heartbeat I was desperate to hear was your own.

As it turns out, some asshole had guided a red light. The scream that I had sounded, the same exact one from my nightmare , had been his tires skidding across the pavement. Somehow, he had managed to reached the back of our vehicle, spin out, then come back here and made us from the side.

When the initial startle extended, and we recognized we were both okay, your leader and I both turned and looked at the back seat. We both gasped in repugnance as we saw your brother’s car seat mangled in the wreck, amongst the smashed glass and the dented frame of the back automobile door.

Returning home later the working day, after assessing our hurts and discussing the damages and everything that had happened, we realise how rightfully lucky we were. All at once, everything began to add up in a way that, to this day, I cannot belief was a coincidence.

You see, Lilly, if everything of these strange things hadn’t been happening in our dwelling for the last month, we all wouldn’t have been so exhausted. If we weren’t so exhausted that morning, we would have taken your brother with us. Brayden would have been in that car seat during the collision of that other vehicle. Brayden would not have come home with us. He would not have survived.

If Brayden had come with us, he likewise would have been wearing his wintertime hair and that covering I introduced for him. If “hes had” been wearing his winter coat and using that covering, I never would have absentmindedly placed them on my pregnant belly before putting on my seat belt that day. If I didn’t have Brayden’s hair and covering with me to cushion the impact of my belly against that seat belt, I might have ended up with so bad harms than whiplash that day. What I’m saying, Lilly, is that you might not be here, see this letter.

As terrifying as that month had been for us, looking back now, I can’t help but wonder if maybe that horrifying woman, who we all accept was also the source of all of the paranormal pleasure that had been existing around our residence, had possibly been an omen. Maybe the purpose of her spirit in “peoples lives” had been to prepare and warn us of what was yet to come. Maybe, in some manner, she had been protecting us, from the ominous aims of something else.

All I know is, after that car accident, everything stopped. We never heard voices that we had mistaken for each other calling our appoints from various chambers in the chamber of representatives. Grandma began to sleep usually again, because she felt as though the attendance had finally left. Nothing ever called her bedside again. Nothing moved in Brayden’s room without justification after that. Even the rub and thumping in our bedroom walls and ceiling stopped after that vehicle crash.

I have expended daylights upon epoches experimenting and looking for a probable justification for what happened to us that spring. At the time, we had thought that she simply came with the chamber of representatives. We saw maybe, she was a spirit residing within the walls who we had awoken after moving in. However, that never acquired feel, because the activity didn’t start until two months after we had already been there. There was something about that April, like it had been cursed. The only thing I have come up with- the only thing that kind of shapes its own experience- is this creature, known as The Banshee . Irish Lore has it that The Banshee is an ancient female tone whose screams forewarn of an impending demise within a household. In our statu, her scream clanged precisely like the screeching tires of motor vehicles who loped the red light and nearly got everything from us on that momentous date, all of those years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, I am writing this letter to you because I “ve noticed” how “youve been” harassed with fatigue lately. I have also noticed how you and your partner have been snapping at one another in a way that I have never seen before. I know something is happening.

Tell me, have you been having nightmares? Are you discovering articulations calling to you from another chamber, simply to find that nobody is there? Has there been scratching or any other noises coming from within your bedroom walls?

Lilly, I felt a spirit were participating in my bed last night. I believe it is her. I think this woman, this Banshee , has returned to warn us once again. Exclusively this time, I conceive she has come for you.



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