The Dubai law enforcement agency are the proud proprietors of a 'super fleet,' a mass of high end sports cars from throughout the globe. Their most recent addition to the fleet is the $1.6 million dollar Bugatti Veyron, cable television of doing 267mph as well as from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. However, these cars are not utilized to go after bad guys, yet instead as a PR mechanism. Advertised as the most modern of the Arab police, they drive the fleet to numerous tourist attractions in Dubai as a way of getting in touch with citizens and also visitors. Its additionally an additional means for Dubai to flaunt their enormous wide range.

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  1. whenever you’re pissed off by rich arabs in supercars in west london, just
    remember in their home countries, those are just police cars

  2. 0:18 is that female police officer wearing a usual dress? that can’t be
    very practical if she has to run to catch criminals or neutralize them.

    • its not a dress its nikab (i think thats how u say it in )
      You would think it makes it harder to run but its the same as normal clothe

    • +Zed yeah my bad, my wording was poor here. i meant nikab. still, with such
      long fabric, it would be too easy for a criminal to grab hold of it,
      putting the female officer at a disadvantage.


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