Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World will certainly be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and also electronic download on Monday 19th November 2012
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Jeremy Clarkson and also James May will certainly offer their viewpoints on The most awful Auto in the History of the Globe in an all new, all unique Top Gear DVD.

Jeremy and James travel to the North of England to call as well as pity the most rubbish cars and trucks in the whole WORLD. It's a labour-intensive event, loaded with warmed arguments, large cranes, James being secured his very own vehicle boot as well as … Jeremy being linked to a tree.

Yet don't be deceived, it's not all about dreadful vehicles– to appreciate the stinkers you need to revel in some good ones too– like the 4.5 litre Ferrari 458 Spider, Toyota's GT86 and the ₤ 340,000 Lexus LFA running shoulders with a Mercedes SLS AMG.

As they are up North, the kids welcome The Stig's Yorkshire relative to be a guest driver. Putting his whippet to one side he tosses the BMW M5 round a gymkhana program prior to evaluating out a number of Transatlantic oppositions with Jeremy and James. Points, you will not be shocked to hear, do not go inning accordance with plan.

The debate concerning The Worst Automobile in the Background of the Globe proceeds while the children play a couple of rounds of golf. Yet that doesn't go inning accordance with prepare either. They also placed their very own autos– past and existing– right into the reckoning. That ends severely also.

The rest of the time up North is invested suggesting over the wonderful and the dreadful from Peugeot, Ford, Mahindra, FSO, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Citroen, Saab and also many more.

There's additionally a special shock fate in store for the automobile picked as the largest loser …

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    • Polonez is not the worst car in the world .. First – it was produced in
      specific circumstances , second – it was produced 40 years ago , while new
      Tata from india is real peace of crap .. Polonez might have been bad , but
      it got much bigger interior than ford ka or mini cooper .. And even bigger
      trunk ,, Ford KA is just a kid car .. Today Euope is making those cramped
      little cars which are usless and dangerous..

    • You are terribly wrong. I have already written a reply about that, but it
      has been deleted/marked as spam since. A coincidence or you can’t agree
      with the truth?

    • Why is Tata bad again? It caters to the Indian market and is very roomy and
      fuel efficient. Build quality and design are improving now, with Jaguar and
      Land Rover offering inputs.

  1. I don’t know about the worst car in the world, but I’m certain the most
    hideous ones come from France. Citroen, Peugeot or Renault, they look
    absolutely stupid, without character or any kind of good taste.

  2. Clarkson is wrong, the worst cars are the ones with iffy immobilisers that
    have a nasty habit of giving one a Harvey Smith.

  3. I own two Lexus’ and am a big fan of many Toyota products, but James and
    Jeremy were totally right: The SC430 was an expensive, disappointing,
    unforgivable turd that should never have come in to being, much less be
    produced for so long.

    For years during my visits to manufacturer/dealer car shows the Lexus
    section would feature another god damn SC430: “PEBBLE BEACH EDITION.”
    Totally embarrassing that the company would promote such pretentious,
    undeserved crap.

    Please recycle these cars only where the recycler melts the metal.

    • I hear it was aimed at the US market……explains a lot! They have a
      liking for embarrassingly crappy overweight cars there, and crappy
      embarrassing overweight things generally 😀

    • soundseeker63 It was indeed aimed at *a* US market demographic, not *the*
      US market. Don’t lump 350 million people into one basket. Many of the best
      sports cars ever made were aimed squarely at US buyers. I’ll just drop a
      name here: Mazda. Ever hear of the MX-5? RX-7? Designed in the US with the
      primary market being US consumers. Not too crappy or overweight I think.

    • Hence the embarrassment. Toyota spent a huge amount of money on a
      presumption that US buyers would love a fat, bulbous convertible pig, and
      that is where the SC430 came from. They found out that they were wrong, but
      for years they just would not let it go, like the Terminator in the film
      that the POS appeared in.


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