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Who will you remember as the face or voice of 2017?


Amazons voice control system and at-home personal assistant has stolen our collective hearts, making the Echo family of products a must-have for any smart home. (Dont have one yet? Compare Echo products here.)

These eight smart gadgets are a great way to enhance Alexas skills and make your life even easier than you thought possible, all with the power of your voice.

Hey Alexa

Is the front door locked?

Image: August

Turn your smart device into a smart key. Create virtual keys for guests and keep track of who comes in and out. Connect to Alexa in order to lock your door from anywhere. Get it here for $199.99.

Can you turn the lights on in the kitchen.

Image: Philips

Connect to Alexa and use voice command to control the lights in your home. Its a smart and easy way to control lightning, with smooth wireless dimming. Get it here for $64.99.

Can you turn off the living room TV outlet.

Image: TP-Link

Manage your Smart plugs with Alexa. Assign each outlet a name and control it with voice commands. Get it here for $28.07.

Can you turn down the heat.

Image: Nest

The Nest is directly integrated with Alexa. You can control the temperature of your home with your voice depending on your preference. Get it here for $244.78.

Can you water the front yard.

Image: Rachio

Control the schedule of your sprinklers Rachio so you can start or stop the system with just a few words. Get it here for $199.99.

How much gas is left in my tank?

Image: Automatic

This Automatic car adapter gives you a full diagnostic of your vehicle. Ask Alexa anything from driving history to where you parked your car. Get it here for $79.95.

Switch to channel 36.

Image: eyeSight Technologies

Control your entertainment without lifting a finger. You can switch channels, make the volume louder, and lots more while viewing. Get it here for $139.

Record a video of the entryway.

Image: SkyBell

Connect your SkyBell HD to Alexa in order to increase your home security system. Monitor your front door by starting videos, recording videos, and taking screenshots of activity. Get it here for $219.

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